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The moment that paintball shoots out of the barrel of your marker is the moment your life will change. Playing paintball gives you a rush that other sports can’t compete with and it is addictive. Once you get hooked, you will go online or run to your nearest shop to stock up on the latest gear. This guide will teach you what style of game you should play once you have your gear and are ready to go. I will talk about Woodsball vs speedball and how they differ from each other.

There are two types of games in the paintball industry that are the most common.  The first one is speedball which is easier to play so it tends to be the most popular. And the second one is Woodsball which is longer and a bit more complicated. Speedball players play on a football-shaped field with inflatable bunkers. Woodsball reveals itself through its name. Paintballers play in the woods or in settings with themes like castles or a western town. It can be quite fun if you have the skills and the endurance to play longer games.

Always be aware that paintball fields have their own prices. Some have fair prices and others do not. Do your homework because entry fees, paintball refills and equipment rentals add up. I am old school and consider myself to be a naturalist. For me, there is nothing better than going out and playing in the real outdoors.

Woodsball vs Speedball Comparison


Most people know it as scenario style paintball and that is the name I prefer to give it myself. Players who like Woodsball tend to be on the creative side and love to add a bit of realism to the game. They wear costumes and use unique weapons that speedballers do not use. These include paintball grenades, landmines or any other type of weapon that is fun. Although the themes of the games can get quite imaginative, most stick to the military theme. They come to play decked out like real infantrymen with camouflaged clothing. Within Woodsball there are different types of games you can play. Below is a list of only the most popular ones.

two paintballers playing woodsball

Elimination – This game is very simple. Be the last man standing and you are the winner. There are no friends here.

Capture the Flag – This is a new take on a traditional game. There is a bit of strategy involved but the goal is to protect your flag and steal that of your enemy.

Assault! – Usually, two teams are set up. One team protects a castle or a building and the other team’s goal is to attack it and take over. It gets very exciting and competitive.

Guys who play Woodsball are fanatics when it comes to using guns that look authentic. They emulate weapons used by the military because it adds a bit of realism to the game. Brands like Tippmann and MilSig are notorious for making them. A lot of their markers are customizable so you can make them look like AK47S or Machine guns.  You can go as far as your imaginations can take you with the upgrades for these guns. Upgrades that can be added are sniper scopes, handguards, and rails.

Each player requires different upgrades depending on their role in the game. They tend to use models that look like sniper rifles and modify them so they are able to shoot the enemy from afar. Their job is to have patience and to hide in one area for long periods of time. They are also responsible for providing cover from a vantage point for infantrymen. Infantrymen would not use the same marker. The best choice for them would be an M16 that can tag the enemy from shorter distances.

The best part about playing scenario games is dressing up with creative costumes. Your job is to match the theme of the game and this makes it easy to know who your enemy is. Paintballers wear everything from face paint to ghillie suits to make the game more fun. For the scenario games I play with my team, I use a ghillie suit that matches my gun and paintball mask. Spent quite a bit of money but well worth it if you ask me. To learn more about woodsball vs speedball, now I will talk about speedball.


This is the game that the pro players like and the competition is high. Professional speedballers take the games seriously and make a good living from playing. The popularity of this type of game continues to soar as sponsors flock to support the best players. At tournaments, a lot of money is made by selling merchandise, uniforms and a variety of other gear.

speedball players in a tournament

The game is pretty simple to understand. You play in teams of 3 or 5 members. Their games are pretty short and do not last longer than 15 minutes. Woodsball is different because it can last for hours depending on the kind of game you pick. To grab the win in speedball you have to mesh well with your paintball team. Communication and proper strategy are the keys to victory if you practice. The markers used by people that play speedball are different. Unlike Woodsball, these have to weigh less and shoot fast without chopping the paint. This should help you enough about woodsball vs speedball.

My favorite brands for speedball markers are Spyder and Dye. We have written a lot of reviews about them and always give these companies high marks. The barrels of these markers should be anywhere from 8 to 12 inches for the best results. Electronic triggers are important because sometimes to need to change your guns shooting mode. I use semi-auto most of the time though and it works well for me.

Woosball vs Speedball Summary

If you have any questions about this woodsball vs speedball guide, Please contact me and I will be happy to answer questions.

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