x7 phenom review

Tippmann x7 Phenom Review

The Tippmann X7 Phenom features a unique technology called “Flex Valve” and has a high overall rating from customers. This technological innovation gives the marker excellent air efficiency because it allows it to operate with less than 300 psi. As a result, you will be able to quickly shoot 1,400 shots if you have a tank that is 4,500 psi which equals dangerous power. The electronic version of this army paintball gun is the first of its kind to let players choose whether they want air pressure or CO2. You can also switch between the electric and manual shooting modes. Either way, you’ll have high accuracy and air efficiency with the top ratedX7 Phenom.

If you like to play Mil-Sim or Woodsball, then the X7 Phenom is a good choice. It is also a good choice if you want a marker designed with a military style to it. The top notch paintball gun can be converted into numerous types of rifles and machine guns. You can even customize it to accommodate your preferred style. Those who own the X7 Phenom marker say it is a keeper because of its low profile aluminum body. If you are planning to play in a paintball tournament, this Tippmann model will give you all the features you would ever want for it. To learn why this gun is better than the average marker read our tippmann x7 phenom review below to learn more about where to buy it.

Tippmann x7 Phenom Review


  • An aluminum frame that is compact and lightweight.
  • A cyclone feed system that does not need batteries and can feed as much as 20 bps.
  • The magazine can be quickly released.
  • The magazine has tool storage built into it.
  • You can remove the rear sights and front sights.
  • Recoil can be reduced, and you can improve air efficiency with the FlexValve technology.
  • Balance can be improved with the metal trigger.
  • A servicing kit is included.
  • There are five firing modes to choose from, such as PSP, Semi-Auto, Response, Full-Auto, and NPPL.
  • Selector switch with 3 different positions.
  • A Picatinny rail available for attaching other accessories, like a scope or handle.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.


The X7 Phenom was built with a layout called “Spool-Valve,” which reduces recoil considerably. This means after you pull the trigger, the kickback will be minimal, and you will have a lot more accuracy. Most owners of this low profile paintball gun can verify this. In fact, they even say the shots are quiet too.

The cyclone feed system’s new design allows 200 paintballs to be stored in the hopper. Plus, you can shoot 20 bps at a distance of 150 feet. The X7 Phenom is entirely reliable, which means you can be sure it will fire each time the trigger is pulled. And remember, there are no batteries used here either. To make the accuracy better, the material of the trigger is made metal. If that’s not good enough, you can select from 5 various shooting modes with the selector switch that has 3 positions.

The X7 Phenom’s performance is all positive. The grip makes it easy to hold the gun, and there is minimal recoil after you shoot it. The pull of the metal trigger is very light, and the smoothness of the shots will be easily noticeable. The X7 Phenom will perform beautifully in a game. Also, the durability and construction of the marker allow it to perform better than other comparable markers that are available. No matter what you think about this tippmann x7 phenom review, you will at least respect this gun and know it performs well.

Flex Valve Technology

The X7 Phenom is designed with Flex Valve Technology. Since this is an air efficient marker, the innovative Flex Valve technology it was constructed with will keep it operating at less than 300 fps. By lowering the air pressure this much, they created a marker that was very air efficient and had minimal recoil. As a result, you can fire a lot more high caliber paintballs with the same air amount.


The X7 Phenom only weighs 4 lbs and the barrel has a length of 9.5 inches. This brings the total length of the marker to 19.75 inches. This lightweight design is only made possible because of its aluminum body. Field stripping is fast and easy as a result of this design, thanks to the PushPin feature. The best part is that the magazine can be removed quickly and there is an extra storage area inside of the magazine.

While many other markers may claim to have a military-like design, this Tippmann paintball gun  to actually have a professional military design. In other words, it has a low-profile design and a hopper that is located in a convenient area so that you will always see what you’re shooting at with no impairments. The internal regulator of the marker allows you to adjust the air pressure so that the velocity can be balanced. There is a diagram built into the marker which lets you quickly raise or lower the speed. This means that no memorization is needed. The ease of using the regulator will make it convenient when you’re in a desperate gaming situation and need to adjust your shots’ velocity.  


There are lots of ways to upgrade your top rated marker. The most popular upgrade is using the Flat-line barrel. There is no limit to the number of updates available, especially when it comes to the variety of aesthetic upgrades. The X7 Phenom has a Picatinny rail and a second rail for adding new scopes, handles, and sights. You will be able to remove the front sight and rear sight at any time. And for those who feel the it is too heavy, then you can add a remote line upgrade to the marker that balances out the weight.

A lot of users of the phenom paintball gun like the convenience of how you can upgrade it to an electronic version from its mechanical version. All you need to do is replace the standard grip with an E-grip. There are just endless amounts of upgrades available. Some of the best updates include a Freedom Fighter Barrel, Low-Profile Hopper, Deluxe Remote, Dominator Barrel, and many others. The only downside is that most upgrades will add on more weight to your marker, and this could throw off your accuracy when you shoot. So, keep that in mind.


The X7 Phenom is easy to maintain. As soon as you take the marker out of the box, you are given all the items necessary to clean the marker with. There is a barrel blocking device, a servicing kit, and lubricant. Since there is no air hose on the outside, cleaning is a snap. Just be sure to clean the cyclone and lubricate it regularly, mainly after you play a game with the marker. That way, the X7 Phenom will last you for many years.

Pros and Cons


  • checkLittle recoil
  • checkEasy to switch from the Mechanical firing mode to the Electro-Pneumatic firing mode.
  • checkConsistently accurate when shooting at short and long distances.
  • checkA Lot of upgrade options available.
  • checkFlex Valve technology makes it very air efficient.
  • checkA professional military style design.
  • checkThe cyclone feed system makes shots happen fast.


  • A bit heavy while holding it.

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