Tipppmann US Army Project Salvo Review

Tippmann US Army Project Salvo Review

If you want an affordable marker, this Tippmann US Army Project Salvo review will help you do it. To find the best price online, you have to do your homework thoroughly but we save you the hassle and show the best stores to go to on our site. This tactical paintball gun is similar to a Tippmann 98 Custom with a design that’s had years of time, money, and effort put into it. Anyone who has used this marker will tell you that it is reliable on the field.

Some people may say this marker is made especially for those who want to perform military and gun training simulations. But it is still good for sports paintballers too. Even though this paintball gun is a licensed product of the U.S. Army, it is a beautiful looking and affordable option that can be used by everybody. It may be limited in specific features, but the marker will still appeal to the general paintballer market. Now, let’s see how this project salvo review can help you learn more about their popular gun.

project salvo review


The anodized barrel of this marker is 11 inches long and has a standard stock and shroud. It is a .68 caliber and is compatible with most paintball brands that are purchased locally. However, I recommend that you use the best quality paintballs with it because the lower quality ones will end up ruining the firing mechanism of the marker. Speaking of which, this gun has a semi-automatic firing mechanism with an open bolt and a system that has a blowback style to it. The system uses pressurized air, CO2, or nitrogen. 

The cycle rate of the marker is 8 balls per second. There are 4 Picatinny rails on the front shroud and sling mount built into it for attaching various compatible accessories. Other features include a stainless-steel gas line, good quality bolt system, and an aluminum die cast receiver.

Shooting Ability

The Tippmann Army Project Salvo gun shoots similarly to similar options which cost the same amount. The difference is this marker is quiet when it fires. Plus, there tends to be a pull toward the left hand. The marker is great to use during various kinds of military simulations, such as team tactics or any player of woodsball. On the other hand, it has a low rate of fire and weighs enough to make it hard for speedball. 

The range of the marker is more than 150 feet, although some users say this range estimate is exaggerated. There are many variables which determine the real field range, such as the skill level of the player, the current weather conditions in the environment, and the amount of air pressure that is used. Many sports paintball players claim their skills have increased using this weapon regularly.


There are many upgrades you can make to the marker. The eGrip is one popular upgrade. Another is the cyclone hopper which people spend a fair amount for because they don’t like the gravity fed hopper that comes with it. An electronic hopper is another upgrade choice available too. Other upgrades include sights, tactical flashlights, foregrips, tripods, and bipods. The barrel can even be replaced with something like a J&J ceramic barrel that is 14 inches. However, there are some complaints from users about the barrel shroud making it hard to conduct certain modifications and barrel upgrades.

Pros and Cons


The Tippmann US Army Project Salvo has excellent dexterity and reliability. You can use the marker in multiple positions, and the stock can be folded down more than 11 inches and increased to more than 14 inches. If you fold down the stock, there are only 1 ½ inches that come from the breach. 

Users love the look of this masterpiece that is easy to maintain. The design is derived from the US Army AR15 weapon. This marker looks even better than customized markers that are used around the globe.

And, of course, the comfort and feel of the marker is superb. It only weighs about 9 pounds after the paintballs are loaded into it. This means it will always be comfortable when it’s in your hands.


The Tippmann US Army Project Salvo is not the most lightweight marker out there. At nearly 9 pounds, it might be too heavy for some people to handle. Novices might find the weight will impact their stature. This goes double for women and younger players. If you play long paintball matches or play every day, then you might want to attach a sling to the gun. This will give some relief to your shoulder, hand, and arm. However, you can lower the weight of the it by taking off some parts which are not needed. Avoid unnecessary upgrades too in order to keep the weight down.

The regular gravity fed hopper is not loved by players that much. Those with experience will say that the hopper causes the “shaking technique” to take place during a paintball battle. If you upgrade this to a cyclone hopper, then the problem can be avoided.

The process of disassembling the paintball marker is somewhat tricky. Not everyone shares this opinion, but a lot of people do and will usually blame the design of the gun for it. Anyone who has used Tippmann 98 markers in the past will likely have this complaint. This particular product line will break down fast, and it is hard to reassemble too because the internal components have a lot of pressure put on them.

When you try to take apart the marker, small parts can fly out in random directions if you slightly move something the wrong way. That is why you shouldn’t disassemble it outside. It is better to do so at home where you have a maintenance kit available to you.

We hope you enjoyed our tippmann us army project salvo review. If this wasn’t what you were looking for or just wanted to read more guides check out the dozens we have available on https://www.paintballerhq.com/reviews/best-paintball-gun-reviews/.

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