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Tippmann TMC Review: Please Read Before Buying- Paintballer HQ

Are you a paintballer interested in buying yourself a mag-fed style marker? If the answer is yes, our Tippmann TMC review will convince you that this paintball gun is the one to buy. All the features needed to have a mag-fed gun that is competent the TMC has built in. It is a high-end marker that is the ideal choice for you with a very supportive community of owners.

Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker

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The Tippmann TMC is difficult to break or dent because it is made of very durable metal materials.  Everything from the bolts, inner gears, trigger assembly, and the frame has a metal surface. You can play under any weather conditions and in the roughest of fields without a care in the world. The reason for this is because it was designed in a way that the parts made with polymer don’t control the way you play.

Your investment will go far with this pneumatic marker. It comes with no parts that need an electrical charge which means it can last for years under proper care. There will be no firing mode options because it only comes with the semi-auto mode.


If you ever dreamed of firing a few AR-15 gunshot rounds but don’t want to join the Army, we have a solution. The TMC copies the design of an actual AR-15 to make it useful for players who like tactical paintball guns. I had a blast using it when I gave it a test run a few weeks ago. The Picatinny rail system was a godsend. You can attach a variety of accessories to it to give you an extra edge. Another feature I liked was the ability to adjust the stock. Not every Tippmann model has this feature so I was pretty happy about it.

A pet peeve of mine is paintball markers with external gas systems. It ruins the authenticity and makes my weapon look like a child’s toy. The TMC has an internal gas system so the aesthetics are clean and smooth. There is one feature that will take you a while to get accustomed to. The location of the CO2 tank is under the area where you grip it.  This makes the way the gun fires paintballs a bit unique but once you get used to it, you are good to go.

Whether you have large or small hands, this marker has you covered. The rubber grip molds to your hand to make it as comfortable as possible to hold. Once you are done with your gun, you can switch it over to safety with one quick movement. Never forget to do this for safety purposes.

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Dual Feed Option

With TMC, you always have options which is why you can choose whether you want to use your hopper or a magazine. And unlike low-end markers, mag-fed style guns let you use a different kind of paintball. They are called shape projectiles and are more accurate than the usual round balls used by most.

Don’t expect shaped projectiles to be cheap. With more accuracy comes a higher price so you must use them when you need them most. The smart strategy is to put your shaped projectile ammo into your magazines. This way you can put your normal less expensive paintballs into your hopper. Needless to say, it is smart to use your hopper more often until you need to use your best quality firepower most. When I play games, I only use shaped projectile ammo when I get into a sniper role and need more of a guarantee.

Each magazine in a TMC holds up to 20 rounds which is why I like to keep extra ones on me. They are not that expensive and easy to carry around without slowing you down.  A tip I got from a fellow paintballer was to keep only 19 rounds in each magazine instead of 20 rounds. The balls stop clogging inside my marker and dimpling. The Dual feed feature makes the TMC a must have above all other mag-fed style paintball guns on the market.

Feels and Performs Realistically

Some markers are designed after real weapons but don’t always perform like the real gun they copy. This is not the case with the TMC from Tippmann. It does feel like an AR-15 when you fire it because of the way it blows back. I recommend you hold on to it with a tight grip because the recoil is just as authentic as the gun it attempts to emulate. This makes the experience of using it that much more fun and authentic.

Does Not Chop or Break

Tippmann has patented its inline-bolt system which is a game changer in the industry. Most of their markers come with them already added. The sole purpose of the inline-bolt system is to be more dependable with the way it shoots. Its secondary task is to prevent the paint from breaking before it is released from the barrel. Chopped paint was a serious issue a few years ago but recent technology has made it a thing of the past.


Precision is the Tippmann TMCs middle name and for good reason. It is one of the most accurate paintball guns in the industry even with cheaper round balls. You will be able to eliminate your enemy from as far as 150 feet because of its killer 12-inch barrel. With shaped projectiles, the chances of hitting your target will increase by 50%. This is unheard of with another brand.

If you want to be even more accurate and shoot from further away, I have a solution for you. Because of the rail system the TMC comes with, you can add an optical scope so the paint no longer drops. With this optic set up, you should be able to shoot from at least 400 feet depending on your skill level.

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Mags Are Simple to Load

TMC has mags that make your life easier on the field so you can focus on the game at hand. Most meg-fed paintball guns make it so when filling up your mag with paint, you have to hold down the spring at the same time. TMCs are different because all you have to do is tighten a knob on the lateral area of the magazine. This makes it so you don’t have to push it down on your own while you are loading up.

Easy to Customize

There is a smorgasbord of accessories you can add to your mag-fed because of the rail system. So if you want to make your marker more powerful, it is easy to do. Also, keep in mind that the interior parts are carbon copies of the Tippmann 98. If you owned a 98 already before you bought the TMC, you can use the same barrel and it will function well. Other pieces of the gun you can enhance are the trigger and the hopper.

Summing It Up

I hope this review has convinced you what a great choice this model is for a mag-fed newbie. It is not easy to take apart like the others but once you get used to it, it will be second nature to you. The best piece of advice I can give you is to read the instruction front to back. You will know exactly how to use it to maximum capacity and be a better paintballer. To be even better read our guides on Paintballer HQ to learn more.

Two mags are already included with your purchase and you can buy extras if you need them. Tippmann has outdone themselves with the TMC and the support is priceless. Test it out yourself and you will understand why this out favorite mag-fed gun on the market.

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