Tippmann TiPX Review

Tippmann TiPX Review: My Top Paintball Gun Choice

Anytime a new Tippmann product gets released, I get excited to test it out and they never disappoint. The Tippmann TiPX is as sturdy and as well built as it gets. Aesthetics wise, it looks great and feels like an authentic pistol used by a soldier in the military. This version comes with a Picatinny rail system that allows you to add any accessories that you like. A CO2 air system is one of the better features that many paintballers are raving about. I used to have the first model that was a hot seller and the new and improved one that I will talk about in this Tippmann Tipx review is just as good. The best part is that they fixed the small issues that I had with the previous version with a design makeover.

I held a real semi-automatic in my hands once. The Tipx feels like it and performs the way a magazine-fed marker should with efficiency. There is honestly no better-looking handgun style marker right now on the market so no need to look further. It feels light in your hands and is easy to carry around when you are playing a loner mission.

Tippmann is a great brand for beginners and this gun is priced competitively for them. Because of the way it is constructed, you will be able to maintain it and clean up after use with ease. With other guns that I have had in the past, it was difficult to get to the inner part.  I am happy to say that this no longer is an issue. This unit will not let you down when you need it the most, doesn’t weigh much, and is great for players that do not prefer bulky guns.

Tippmann TiPX .68 Caliber Paintball Pistol

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Key Features

  • Ergonomic design And feels light in your hands
  • Authentic military design
  • .68 caliber
  • Ability to change the speed
  • Easy to grip handle
  • Shoots close to 8 bullets per second
  • Comes with a kit that helps you maintain your TipX
  • CO2 air system


If you are new to paintball, this simple to use marker is the one you need. Getting set up is straightforward and the steps are basic.  I like the way it cuts down recoil by discharging from an open bolt. It is a feature most semi-automatic weapons have if a blow forward system is installed. The spring-loaded Tru-Feed magazine is my favorite feature. It launches the paintball straight into the chamber where it is ready to be fired. When you initially start a game with a new cartridge, only the second pull will get the gun to fire. This is typical when CO2 cartridges are involved.

Magazine and Performance

A cartridge holds about 7 rounds in the chamber and this unit comes with 2 spring loaded Tru-Feed magazines that are of high quality. The original model included 8 rounds but they were forced to change it to fix an issue that users complained about. There was a misfeeding issue and the only way they could get it fixed was to decrease the number of paintballs you can fire.

Now the magazines are see through so you can know exactly how much ammo you have. They added this feature because it is important to know if your magazine is filled or not. It emulates an actual handgun because the magazine gets attached under the grip of the pistol. Whenever you want to change the magazine, all you have to do is press a button and it falls right out.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that the CO2 is not stored in the magazine. When manufacturers do this, the marker feels heavy and difficult to control. The TipX lets you maneuver your shots and increase your accuracy so you tag opponents more often. I think this improves the grip more because the CO2 is located under the barrel of the gun. Taking it out and replacing it is as easy as turning a cap.

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Easy to Use

The learning curve of this sidearm is short because of its simplicity. Within an hour of using it, you will know exactly how to use it to your advantage. Since I am an intermediate player, I am able to use and carry two pistols simultaneously which gives me a serious advantage. What I love about the trigger is that it is made of aluminum. It helps me fire paintballs when I need it to and never jams up on me. Try this weapon when you go out to play speed ball games and you will not regret it.

In the past, I was forced to buy several barrels because of how my marker was designed. With the TipX, you no longer have to worry about this.You can keep it safe inside your holster and you can access it when you need it the most. Everyone agrees that it is easy to carry around and accommodates the way you like to play.


Accuracy is the middle name of this Tippmann model.Combined with a good set of paintballs to shoot, you will hit almost anything you aim at if you get the practice in. Make sure that the size of the ball matches what you would need for a .68 caliber pistol. It does not have to be exact but it will definitely help if it is. If a paintball is too small for the marker, the gaps will cause it to jump around inside the barrel.

You can locate the speed adjuster behind the receiver. All you need to do is search for a spherical indent near it. The indent is there so you can make a hole that will allow you to put a remote line adapter. This will make you a more efficient player that can fire off more rounds in a shorter period of time. There is nothing that takes more time than having to replace CO2 tanks after only a few rounds. The peephole on the receiver is used to confirm your ammo count so you can be prepared to add more rounds.


  • Top rated paintball marker in the industry
  • Weighs almost nothing and perfect for military scenario games
  • Easy to store in your holster and doesn’t weigh you down
  • Clear ammo window
  • Two-year guarantee
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Can play for long periods of time without decreasing accuracy
  • A strong trigger that does not break off


  • Air seeps out after firing the seventh paintball but this has only been reported by one user
  • Great as an alternative option if your larger gun stops functioning
  • Magazines are modest in size

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Overall, this a great paintball marker option for players that value weight and precision. It is best for beginners to practice with. Veteran paintballers utilize it as a sidearm for emergencies.The perks of owning a more compact paintball gun vary but one thing you can be sure of is that you will move around fast. You will be harder to hit and fire off at others with a lot more grace. I have saved a lot of money because the magazines are affordable, unlike the others on the market.

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