Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Gun Review

Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Gun Review

When you are a paintball player, you need to have the right marker. It can be difficult to know what a good marker is for someone who is a new player or plays casually every once in a while.  Newbies often make the mistake of purchasing an expensive weapon while thinking it will be the easiest to use. They may also buy a cheap weapon and think the same thing. To determine how good of a marker this is read our tippmann gryphon paintball gun review below.


If you are a casual paintball player or a complete beginner, then the Tippmann Gryphon Marker is designed just for you. It is priced affordably, easy to maintain, and even easier to use.

gryphon paintball gun review


  • check
    Not hard to use
  • check
    Has a lighter weight to it
  • check
  • check
    Good for beginners
  • check
    Easy to upgrade
  • check
    A gas line located internally
  • check
    Tippmann brand
  • check
    Great for speedball or woodsball


  • Slow to shoot when the trigger pull is long
  • Difficult to disassemble
  • Stock barrel requires some improvements


  • Looks standard
  • An inline blowback paintball gun which uses compressed air
  • The body has a high composite
  • The front grip is designed to be ergonomic


This inline blowback paintball gun looks great and does not weigh that much. Although the design may seem standard, a lot of people like the classic marker look. The body has a high composite along with a blade trigger that can fit two fingers. You will be comfortable holding the .45 grip of the handle as well as the fore-grip which is located in front of the blade trigger. Your hopper can be placed in the locking vertical feed that comes with this marker. It is a standard hopper, but it will do the job right.  Anyone who is just learning about paintball or plays casually will want the Gryphon. Also, this is the first marker for beginners which uses an internal gas line.


The Gryphon performs nicely. The trigger pull could be longer, but if you use two fingers then it will fire just fine. The stiffness of the trigger pull might not be everyone’s favorite thing about it, but the marker can still shoot eight balls every second. This is due to the gravity fed hopper attached to it. Dry firing causes an apparent kick but shooting paintballs will cause it to get better.

Another good aspect of the marker is how it handles the paint, especially the brittle kind. There does not appear to be any breaks in the paint. The only minor issue was regarding consistency while shooting it fast. On the upside, it was harder to notice the change in speed during a normal firing rate.

Tippmann is a brand which has a reputation for creating markers that are reliable and strong. Their guns are easy to operate and give users a fair amount of accuracy in their shots. You can expect all these qualities and more with their Gryphon model. In fact, you could drop the marker in the dirt or pond and it will still function properly.


New paintball players purchase a variety of starter markers and usually have no idea how to maintain them. They will benefit from the Gryphon then because this marker does not contain so many parts that will get worn out like in other markers. In fact, the markers which Tippmann manufactures do not require that much maintenance at all. Therefore, you likely won’t experience any leaks with the Gryphon marker or any problems which need repair work done. The ASA will require a drop of oil, but that’s it. You won’t need to disassemble the weapon or perform any maintenance along those lines.


The Gryphon is compatible with numerous A5 threaded barrels. There are practically unlimited upgrades and modifications that you can make to this weapon. If you want to give it the appearance of an M16 rifle, you can do that too. On the other hand, if you care about the tactical side of the weapon more than the appearance, you should add a larger CO2 tank or a longer barrel. This will enhance the firepower, accuracy, and range of your shots.


The Gryphon marker is just as strong and reliable as Tippmann’s other markers. Despite being kind of cheaper and designed for beginners, the Gryphon shoots well out on the field. After it was dropped in water and mud, it still fired well. The durability of this marker was clearly proven when it was put to the test like this.


I hope this tippmann gryphon paintball gun review has helped you. It is certainly affordable for any player and it shoots well for them too. New players will get a lot of great experience in the field if they use this weapon. When you consider all the upgrades that are available and the durability of the marker, it is certainly worth the money. Paintballer HQ has many other reviews that you can go through if this gun is not for you.

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