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Tippmann Cronus Review

Tippmann has outdone themselves again with their latest Cronus model. This marker is for the paintballer who plays on a regular basis who likes to push their gear to its limits. Built with only the strongest of materials, you will be to use this superior gun for as long as you want it.I recommend this marker to any player who is either at a beginner or intermediate level. Shot performance will be predictable and easy to use for those who like simplicity. The Cronus model doesn’t weigh much so you can carry it for longer periods of time. Most guns that are lightweight tend to be easy to break if used a lot. It will not be the case with this marker because it is as durable as can be.Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun

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If you hate to buy weapons that are high maintenance, you are in the right place. You can wait long periods of time before having to upkeep it and you can watch a simple video to learn how. Beginner players are attracted to this because they save money on having to pay a shop to help them.Any marker that doesn’t have a solid internal gas line and in-line bolt system is not recommended. Because the gas line is on the interior of the marker, paintballers can have a better grip while shooting. These features help improve performance and help any competitor win.

Why Is the Tippmann Cronus Unique?

Paintball guns that are always jamming and causing a variety of other issues are not ideal. An intermediate or beginner player needs a marker that is dependable. Since the Cronus is just a newer version of the Tippmann 98, you know this will not be an issue. Almost every paintball field owner in the country rents out Tippmann 98s. Because of this, you know they are well respected and can withstand tons of abuse. Businesses save a lot of money because they can rent these guns out for years before having to buy newer models. Any beginner who buys the Cronus knows they will last for a long time and consider it an investment.Engineers that work at Tippmann are revered for their ingenuity and innovative products. Any gun that they manufacture has the owners experience in mind. You will get a marker that is easy to use, simple enough to maintain and super accurate.

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Specs of The Tippmann Cronus
  • Strong Exterior Composite Body
  • Internal Gas Line
  • Grip that is vertical and easy to hold
  • Front and back sights that are fixed
  • Barrel that is 9 Inches Long
Buying the tactical version will allow you to enhance your marker with more features. The details are discussed below if this is something that you would like to explore.

Customizing Your Cronus

There is no other paintball gun that is more easy to customize than the Cronus. You can add more rails and buy their special edition tactical mode that enthusiasts love. The average newbie paintballer buys a gun that is easy to use but cannot be upgraded in the future. This is a very big mistake and I will explain why. Once he or she gets more experience, they need a marker that matches their skills. Buying a gun that cannot be upgraded forces them to have you invest in a new weapon. With the Tippmann Cronus, that is not the case. They can upgrade their current model and keep it for years.

Pros of the Cronus

  • Lightweight design
  • Strong exterior
  • Money Returned within 30 days with a Limited 2-year warranty
  • Quick shooter
  • Simple to use
  • Priced for the player with a budget


  • If you want an accurate marker, stock barrels must be customized
Tippmann has been around since the mid-1980s and has a reputation in the industry for excellence. Beginners won’t take any risks buying this gun and it is perfect for them while they learn the ropes. It is not a prerequisite to be a mechanical genius or a paintball maven.The design is aesthetically pleasing for those who care about style and how they look. You will look and feel like a pro shooting accurate shots and doing it quietly because it has a ported barrel. If you want to step your game up with red sights and scopes that will be possible. It has four Picatinny rails so you can modify it with any attachments you like. There are times when you head to an outdoor paintball field and it starts to rain. There are certain markers that start to give you problems in this kind of weather. The Tippmann Cronus is not one of them. Its rubber grips allow you to keep a firm hold on your paintball gun so it does not slip. You will be able to shoot from a distance no farther than 150 feet.

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To sum it all up, if you are a beginner and expect to stay in the sport long term, this is the choice for you. It has a short learning curve and for those that are not technical, it is easy to learn to use. Price wise you cannot go wrong because it is very affordable and comes with a warranty. If you have any question that I did not answer in this Tippmann Cronus Review, please leave a comment below or check out our top rated paintball gun guide for other options.

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