Tippmann a5 Review

Tippmann a5 Review

The paintball gun known as Tippmann A5 has rapid fire capability and implements the patented Cyclone Feed System technology. What this system does is it allows the feeder sprocket and air system to be connected. As a result, this marker shoots at faster speeds than competing markers. Whether you’re a novice or an intermediate skilled paintball player, the A5 is a real asset which I will prove in my Tippmann a5 Review buyers guide.

Tippmann a5 paintball gun

Rapid Fire Capability

The star-shaped loader of the Tippmann A5 paintball gun can be found with the gun’s cyclone feeder which is great for tactical combat. Each shot gets cycled by the loader and the air pressure used to project the paintballs is used for the cycling. This is how players can shoot rapidly like this because of its fire mode. Each time a paintball is loaded and shot, it is virtually guaranteed because it is not an electronic loader controlling the cycling. Therefore, it is impossible to miss with this model although it is one of the most expensive paintball guns.


The technical specs of the Tippmann A5 include the following: 800 psi operating pressure, 8-inch long paintball barrel, .68 caliber, barrel bore is .689 used for wide range shooting, and it is a mechanical marker that weighs 3 lbs. 2 oz. and is 19 inches long.


The Tippmann A5 looks like any other quality marker you’d find on the market. The colors available are camouflage, silver, and black. Aside from the Cyclone Feed System mentioned above, there is a foregrip and bottom line as well. The left has a front cocking rod, and the right has a plunger which causes the feeder to advance manually. Overall, the length is the main visual difference between the Tippmann A5 and other similar markers. The A5 is longer but is still not hard to handle. You won’t strain your arms and hands when you hold it.

Very Efficient

You can disassemble and reassemble the marker in just one minute, no matter where you are. Tools are not required for reassembly either. Just take off the extended barrel, place the squeegee inside, and then lubricate the moving components of the marker. Although it takes some people time to learn how to disassemble without tools, it is easy to do after you learn it.

Greater Durability

Aside from its efficiency, the marker is constructed with durability in mind. This means it will last for a long time, thanks to its aluminum metal frame receiver with a black finish that will prevent all kinds of scuffs and blemishes. The end cap of the marker will reduce recoil and prevent it from getting too worn out.

Lots of Upgrades Available

There are lots of ways to upgrade the marker. Some of the accessories available include a double trigger, Response Trigger System, Sniper barrels, collapsible stock, Flatline Barrel System, and expansion chamber kit. The operation of the marker can be with compressed air, carbon dioxide, or nitrogen.

tippmann a5 marker


The best features of the Tippmann A5 is its affordability and durability. Plus, there are so many upgrade options available for it. When you put these strengths together, the Tippmann A5 becomes a great paintball marker. The best part is that it is suitable for beginners and intermediate players who want to be competitive in a game. There aren’t too many paintball guns which have as many customization options as this one, and that can sustain excessive wear and tear. Without needing batteries, the gun can shoot up to 17 balls in a given second because of its cyclone feed.


The weight is perhaps the most significant downside to the fantastic piece of paintball gear. Although it is capable of rapid fire, it is a much heavier mechanical marker than others like it. The Tippmann A5 does have accuracy in its shots, but not so much in its pinpointing accuracy, such as with the electro-pneumatic markers. There is enough accuracy to land a shot when you’re at a reasonable distance away from your target. But if you go over 40 feet away, it will be harder to be accurate. You may find the trigger stiff as well.

If there is an internal problem with the Tippmann A5, it may be harder to fix than it would with comparable models. The parts of the A5 cannot be used with any other weapon. You may not like the “no tool field strip” either, which means you can’t use tools to take out the reportedly tight pins. Some people have accidentally discharged the gun while disassembling it. If this Tippmann a5 Review has helped you make a decision please let us know. This is also one of the best paintball markers in our legendary comprehensive guide.

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