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Kingman Spyder MR100 Review – Paintballer HQ

Paintball guns are a dime a dozen but not all perform the way you want them to. I am proud and relieved to finally say that I have discovered a marker that does exactly what it promises to do. My Kingman Spyder MR100 review will tell you all about it and why you should buy it. If you don’t have time to learn, go straight to Amazon here to buy it.

When I test and review any marker on Paintballer HQ, there are a few factors I grade them by. The factors are accuracy, reliability, and maintainability. The Spyder MR100 got a very high score in each area which is why I am so impressed.

Paintballers at any level can give this marker a home because it is versatile enough for all levels. Because of the reputation, the Kingman group has, you can feel confident this gun is safe and durable. When I discuss the features on this bad boy, you will see they had the player in mind and want you to kill it on the field.

You can tell a lot about a company who has been around for over 25 years like Kingman has. They first got started with paintball guns and the accessories that go with owning one. The first marker they released was the Hammer pump-action model. It was decent for their first product but they changed the game with the Spyder semi-automatic.

I would say that Kingman is in my top 3 of paintball brands along with Tippmann and Empire. All 3 manufacturers revolutionized the exciting way paintballers play MilSim games today. They all make products that are affordable for all so anyone can play no matter what his or budget is at the moment.

The smartest companies hire the best engineers they can find like Kingman has. Within only 20 years, they have innovated in the paintball industry. Their markers use advanced technology and become more accurate with every passing year.

Read my latest review below to learn all the information you need about the MR100.

MR100 PRO Semi-Auto Paintball Marker

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Kingman MR100 Review - Features

The first feature you need to consider when buying a new paintball its body. The MR100 has a body made with aluminum materials which makes it light and strong. It makes me feel like a real soldier when I play with it because it is realistic. Shooting at your enemy without missing is easier because of the two trigger system. The vertical fore-grip helps your cause even further because you can hold on tight.Picattiny rails are an important feature to consider if you like to customize the way you play. You can a variety of upgrades that allow you to fire with accuracy and faster.If you don’t want your gas to run out, it is important to have a marker with a stacked blowback design. Nothing is more frustrating than having to stop your momentum to refill your tank. And as mentioned before, the design is military influenced because it is a semi-auto gun. Other features include a steel braided air hose, compressed air tank, and a durable 12-inch barrel.Beginners will love the Spyder MR100 because it comes with a starter kit that has everything. You get the gun, a paintball mask that doesn’t fog up, 6 high-quality paintball tubes, an ounce of Gold cup oil and a CO2 tank that holds up to 20 ounces of gas. It weighs close to 4.5 pounds which I love because I like to play a lot of Woodsball. Taking it from place to place is a cinch because you get a car shoulder strap to keep it safe.

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Firing Ability

Although the pull of the trigger is a bit longer than most, you can still use 1 finger. Anywhere from 6 to 8 balls can be shot per second. Because of the EKI Valve System, you can get the most the air in your 20-ounce paintball tank. Efficiency is what it is all about when players get close to 1600 shots out before needing to refill.

Strong Kickback is a pain and it is issue a lot of paintballers have with their guns. The good news is the kickback is less than most with this marker so you will not wear your arms out. Your accuracy can still be good at up to 300 feet if you practice enough.


I am not a fan of high maintenance weapons and make sure I never buy them. The MR100 is not one of them and I can usually have it nice and clean within a few minutes. Only one piece needs to be removed and it is smooth sailing from there. My previous gun was a nightmare because I had to take out every single screw piece by piece.

Make sure to always add a bit of oil to the piston as much as you can to keep it smooth. I made the mistake of not doing this in the past and my piston has scratches everywhere. This will be the least of your worries if you have an O-ring failure issue which is expensive to fix.

The most expensive accessory is the paintball because you tend to run out a lot and they are not cheap. To save as much money as you can, keep an eye out for balls breaking in your barrel. Players with filthy barrels tend to have this issue so make sure you clean it out after a game.


The price of this marker does vary but even when it does, you are still getting a very affordable deal. This is why it is great for players who are just starting out and want to test the waters. Do not make the mistake of buying a high-end marker and then quitting after a month.

Please keep in mind though that the low priced packages come with the gun only. If you want the whole kit you have to pay a bit more but it is well worth it if you don’t have gear.


Aluminum is the key ingredient many manufacturers use to make durable markers. It is also chosen because guns like the MR100 are light enough so newbies get their endurance up.After a lot of research done on my end, the biggest issue is with the extra accessories the kit includes. Users complain that the paintball mask and the harness are not the best quality. They tend to slip a lot when players sweat and tend to break under heavy usage. If you are a beginner, I would keep these accessories until I was sure I wanted to commit long term. Once I figure out that the sport is for me, I would be higher a higher quality mask and gloves.

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  • Ideal for new players giving the sport a try
  • Strong aluminum build
  • Highly accurate
  • Picattiny rails make it easy to customize
  • Shorts come out easily without breaking balls
  • Maintenance takes only a few minutes every time
  • You can fire at enemies from 300 feet with little experience


  • Accessories that come with the set are lower quality
  • Compatibility is limited when it comes to upgrading


After reading this Spyder review, I think it is easy to how much I love this marker. It is great for players at all levels but more so for newbies who want to explore. It is priced just right and you can get a great weapon for a very little money. When you are first learning the ropes, it will be the workhorse you need. Any new player can maintain this gun on his own because it is simple to clean.

As mentioned before, I would buy the set and once I am sure I don’t want to quit, I would buy a better mask. I hope that this review was helpful and that you enjoy using this brand as much as I did.

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