The Best Paintballs For Woodsball

Best Paintballs For Woodsball

Woodsball can be a good or bad game to play. The experience you have at the game depends on numerous things, like the type of paintball ammo being used. If you’re loading your marker with lousy paint, then your experience  won’t be good. You see, paintballs contain a gelatin-based outer shell and watered-down paint on the inside. If you have good quality paintballs in your marker, then they will burst once they strike the target instead of breaking inside the gun’s firing mechanism. Also, poor quality paintball pellets could weaken your marker’s performance by making it less accurate or merely breaking before it even reaches its target. In rare cases, the it might not even break when it hits its mark, which could hurt your targets tremendously.

As you can see, using good quality paintball gear will make the game more fun for everybody involved. Below are four best paintballs on the market. This buying guide along with this paintballers manual will help you be the best player you can be by give you the top picks.

Best Paintballs for the Money List

Valken Infinity

These Valken Infinity paintballs for woodsball have shells which are much thicker than other types. For this reason, it is a preferred type of low impact paintball amongst professional players. You can purchase them in one of three colors; orange, white and yellow. If you use the orange colored versions, they will shoot the straightest as they’re also the heaviest. This means the balls will break once they hit your target instead of breaking as they’re coming out of the barrel. However, the weight of the Valken paintballs will likely cause them to hurt your enemy more because of their dangerous power. That is why novices should probably not use them. Other than that, these are great to use for woodsball.

Valken Infinity Paintballs

Wrek Elite

The Wrek Elite premiums are made from high-quality materials, which makes them great for woodsball. Their shells will not break as they push through dense brush. This will give you an advantage if your opponents have low-quality paintballs in their markers. Wrek Elite paintballs have a silver and red outer shell with yellow paint on the inside. Overall, they are highly recommended for using in an outdoors game.  

Wrek Elite Premium 1000 Count Paintballs

Valken Graffiti Yellow Fill

The Graffiti thermal paintball line is just like their Infinity paintball line. They are thick and circular, but not too brittle. This means they won’t break if you drop them down on something hard. Instead, they’ll bounce up from the ground. Of course, if the paintballs hit a target or get thrown hard against a solid surface (like a wall), then they will break apart. This Valken line is filled with yellow coloring and will shoot straight. There won’t be any curving in your shots so it is a great option for your paintball gun.

Graffiti-Yellow Fill 2000 Paintballs

RPS Empire Marbalizer

If you want another excellent line of nontoxic paintballs that shoot straight and break upon impact, the RPS Empire Marbalizer line is a good choice. Their very circular round shape is a big reason for this. These were explicitly designed to withstand adverse environmental factors, such as humidity. That is why professional players in a woodsball game will likely be using Empire paintballs. It has a green and black outer shell with neon colored paint on the inside. If the environmental conditions are dim or dark, the neon color will look great. Some call these paintballs the best that you can use for outdoor style games. These are the best paintballs to use for the average player.

RPS Empire Marballizer Paintballs

Good Vs. Bad

There are pros and cons to all types of paintball rounds. What you first need to know is they all have a non-toxic, water-soluble polymer, which means they’re completely biodegradable in the outdoors. Despite this common fact amongst them, there are always going to be some that are better than others. And, as already discussed, your woodsball gaming experience will depend on whether you have premium paintballs or not.

For example, if you use low-quality paintballs that break as soon as they’re passing through your barrel, then that is a problem. Other low-quality brands will give you lousy accuracy and range in your shots. And if you don’t pay attention to the size of the paintballs, they could be too small or too big for the size of your barrel. There are even balls that are too hard and won’t even splatter after they hit the target from low impact. This could hurt your opponent pretty severely, which is why they would be horrible to use in a woodsball game.

Therefore, what you should pay attention to first when purchasing paintballs is the caliber size. In most cases, a .68 caliber paintball is what you will use. There are .71 and .40 calibers as well. You want to make sure your barrel’s bore matches the quality of the paintball you buy. If it does not, then their performance will be up to par.

Aside from the caliber, there must be a durable outer shell as well. You don’t want the bolt of the weapon to be able to break the round before the ball even leaves the barrel. To make the process of choosing a paintball more manageable, the more expensive ones will probably be the best for withstanding the bolt pressure. After all, expensive brands are usually made better and have superb quality control in the manufacturing process.

You’ll want your paintballs to be as round as possible without any dimples or swellings. With expensive paintballs, the paint’s dye will be difficult to remove at first. This reduces cheating amongst players, so they can’t claim they weren’t hit when they were.

The overall concern that people have about this accessory is how quickly they age. The gelatin of the outer shell becomes weaker as it matures and that will mean they’ll break before striking the target. If there is any humidity or moisture in the air, it will ruin them because they’ll swell up more.

When you purchase the best paintballs, they need to be fresh out of the box. To ensure they are fresh, grab some paintballs and toss them onto a concrete surface at a 6-foot distance. If they’re new, the balls will bounce after they hit the ground. They need to be able to bounce at least three times in a row to ensure they’re freshness. If they break on or before the 3rd bounce, then the balls are bad for gaming. If the balls break after bouncing them five times, then they’re fresh enough to play with in the outdoor games.

Finally, the paint color is worth considering. If you’re playing a woodsball game at night or in a dimly lit area, you’ll want your paintballs to have bright colors such as neon, orange, or red. This will make them stand out against the dark camouflage that the players are wearing.

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