Best Paintball Tank Buyer’s Guide

best paintball tank

Have you bought the best paintball gun for yourself and are now ready to start playing out in the field? You are probably very enthusiastic about starting your first game; however, you cannot forget about the paintball tank. This is a crucial component to have with your marker. No other accessory is as important because if you don’t have a high-quality tank, then you won’t be playing for very long in the field. The paintball tank that you choose should accommodate your specific needs for playing the game. It might be difficult for you to decide on the right tank if you are new to playing paintball. To help you out, we have made a detailed buyer’s guide below to choosing the best paintball tank.

Our Best Paintball Tanks List

Ninja SL 50/4500 Black Red Paintball Tank

The Ninja SL 50/4500 is a great tank because it is very durable and regulates the air just fine. People familiar with paintball will already recognize the Ninja brand as being one of the best for paintball tanks. The reason is these tanks are made to last for a long time. Not only that, they are very lightweight and easy to carry around. The tank is constructed with carbon fibers, which allows it to endure a lot of heavy impact without showing symptoms of wear and tear. Anyone who is determined to play paintball will want to try this tank out. There are many color choices available for the Ninja SL 50/4500. Because of this, you are bound to find a color that matches your particular style and preference. The Ninja SL 50/4500 is a compressed air tank which was made specifically for competition use. Since it only ways 3.5 lbs., it is very comfortable to carry around with you. Best of all, freezing will never happen with this tank like with a CO2 tank. This gives you a major tactical benefit while out on the field. This is the best paintball tank on our list at the moment.

Ninja Paintball Carbon Fiber HPA 4500psi Systems

Ninja SL 68/4500 Black Blue Paintball Tank

The carbon fiber material used to make the Ninja SL 68/4500 comes in blue and black colors. The 68/4500 is bigger than the previously mentioned 50/4500. This means you will have additional gas available. Meanwhile, it is still a lightweight tank which weighs in at only 1.9 lbs. As a result, you will be able to carry this tank around without feeling much of a difference on the field. The best part is that this tank was constructed in the United States. If you know the Ninja brand, then you know they only use the best quality carbon fibers in their products. Like the 50/4500, the 68/4500 is a compressed air tank under high pressure and does not freeze either. Therefore, if you want a tank that is easy to carry around and can be conveniently stored away after you use it, then try the 68/4500.

Ninja Paintball Carbon Fiber HPA 4500psi Systems

Ninja SL 77/4500 Black Green Paintball Tank

The Ninja SL 77/4500 is the biggest tank out of all three of these. Because it is the biggest, it can hold the most gas too. The tank is even lightweight at only 2.4 lbs., so you shouldn’t have a problem carrying it around. Since it is a Ninja product, the tank was constructed out of carbon fiber in order to be very strong, durable, and lightweight. Since this tank will hold the most air, you can participate in competitions which last for a longer period of time. There will be no freezing to the gun like with the CO2 guns, which means your gun won’t get damaged. The pattern of colors is both green and black, which is perfect for the majority of guns. Approximately 800 PSI is the default pressure of the tank. This allows you to use the tank with virtually any paintball marker and the setup process is simple too. This Ninja marker was constructed in the United States like all Ninja products. Therefore, the 77/4500 is the perfect paintball tank upgrade to make on your weapon. This is the best hpa tank on our list.

Ninja Paintball Carbon Fiber HPA 4500psi Systems

Best Accessories for Paintball Tank

You have just learned about 3 high-quality paintball tanks. Now is the time to learn about the accessories that can be used in conjunction with them. These are two accessories which can be purchased for yourself or for someone else who loves paintball and needs a better tank for their gun.

Exalt Paintball Tank Case

When you carry your paintball tank, it would probably be more comfortable to have a case to store and carry it in. A carrying case would also be able to protect your tank in case you were to accidentally drop it. Therefore, the Exalt Paintball Tank Case is what you will want to purchase along with your tank. By putting the tank inside this durable case, it will be kept safe from accidental impact. The case is even priced affordably, so you could purchase a couple of these cases for your tanks. The Exalt paintball case is made from carbon fibers and is completely resistant to water. That means if it is raining outside or liquid gets splashed onto the case, you don’t have to worry about anything getting damaged on the inside. There are multiple cylinders which are compatible with this tank, including 77ci, 72, 70, 68, 56, 50, 48, and 45. If you have additional tanks and need cases for storing them all, purchase a bunch of Exalt Paintball Tank Cases. They will secure your regulators too.

Exalt Paintball Carbon Series Tank Case

Exalt Carbon Tank Cover

To give your tank further protection, you need to cover it with the Exalt Carbon Tank Cover. This is a stylish cover that comes in many different colors. You should be able to find a color that matches your own unique preferences too. The material it is made from does not stain, so accidental spills will be nothing to worry about. The cover will still look totally new for a long time. You can also get a comfortable grip on the cover, allowing you to easily control and manage your tank while you’re actively playing a game of paintball. For years now, hundreds of paintball players have purchased this cover for their tanks and most of them have given it positive reviews. It only weighs a couple of ounces, so there will be no feeling of added weight from this. Anyone who wants to give their paintball tank some value should purchase this cover. The best part is the Exalt Carbon Tank Cover is compatible with most tank sizes.

Exalt Paintball Tank Cover

Two Most Common Paintball Tanks

If you are a beginner to paintball, then you might not be aware that there are two types of paintball tanks. There is the CO2 paintball tank and the compressed air paintball tank. The CO2 tank used to be the most popular paintball tank back in the early days of paintball. Even to this day, it is still used a lot by casual players. As for the compressed air tank, it is a high-pressure air tank which is not used as much in games. The only paintball setting you will find them being used is in competitive games. For more information on the tanks, check out the details below.

CO2 Tanks

The CO2 paintball tank is the most popular in the industry. It is easy to refill the tanks because CO2 is available everywhere. This is one big reason that attributes to the tank’s popularity. Another big reason is that CO2 tanks are affordable and priced cheaper than high-pressure air tanks. However, the bad thing about CO2 tanks is they are susceptible to freezing. If you were to shoot your marker rapidly, there would be a lot of coldness in the CO2. Once that happens, it will freeze the regulators and then prevent the gun from shooting any more balls.


Compressed Air Tanks

It is not common for paintball players to use compressed air tanks, although they are slowly becoming popular as more people learn about them. If you go to any of the major paintball stores, you will see compressed air tanks for sale. There are special paintball fields which let players refill their compressed air tanks for free. This is suitable for those who play paintball regularly and want to save money on their refills. Another big advantage to compressed air tanks is that they do not freeze. So, if you are competing with other players that have CO2 paintball tanks, then you will be better off than they are. The only downside is that compressed air tanks require special regulators in order to use the high-pressure air. This means it will cost additional money.

Four Common Sizes of Paintball Tanks

Any serious paintball player will care about the size of their paintball tank. Out of all the tank sizes available, there are four particular sizes that are the most common within the industry. The most popular size for a tank is the 68-4500. The tank is considered medium sized, but it is lightweight and easy to carry around with you out on the field. Plus, you will have plenty of gas to do the job. Now you may be wondering what 68-4500 actually means. Well, 68 refers to the amount of space found in the tank. The 68 is in cubic inches, so a 68-4500 tank that is filled completely would have 68 cubic inches worth of compressed air. As for the 4500, this total number refers to the pounds per square inch which can be produced by the tank.

Here is a list of all 4 tank sizes which are popular. But remember, the 68-4500 is the most popular.





Three Types of Tank Materials

The quality of the material determines if a paintball tank is good or not. Now you might think something hard and durable like steel would be good for a tank. However, steel tanks are actually the worst because they are heavy and form rust if they’re in a wet environment for extended periods of time. They will even freeze up too. Therefore, avoid purchasing a steel tank because you will have too many problems with it. Now let’s explore each of the three tank materials a little more in depth.


As previously mentioned, you need to avoid steel tanks. They weigh a lot of pounds and will be too difficult to carry around out on the field. They may be extremely durable enough to withstand heavy blows and impact, but wet environmental conditions will cause the tank to get worn out with rust rather quickly. The only reason to purchase a steel tank is that it is the cheapest tank on the market. But even then, it is not worth it because you’ll have to replace the tank more quickly


Aluminum tanks are lightweight and easy to carry around out on the field. You will see players carrying these tanks in most games around the world. The only downside is that they are not so durable and can dent easily if they suffer any blows or accidental impacts. However, if you give these aluminum tanks just some minor care, they will have a long life. It is more expensive to purchase aluminum tanks than steel tanks, but the extra money is worth it. Aluminum tanks are more popular amongst players because they are better than steel tanks and still cheaper than carbon fiber tanks.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber tanks are the best in the industry. They are lightweight and highly durable. This is the type of tank that professional players use in their games. You will hear nothing but praise about carbon fiber tanks from professional players throughout the globe. Carbon fiber is simply the best material that can ever be used to construct a tank. The only downside is that it is more expensive than steel tanks and aluminum tanks, but that is to be expected for the quality that you are getting.

Best Qualities to Have in a Tank

The following is a list of all the qualities that should be in a paintball tank. If you want an additional tank, be sure to observe the qualities that it has very closely. That way, you know you are purchasing the right tank for yourself.


There is a lot of pressure and heavy impact that you could face on the paintball field. Since all fields are different, you may find yourself playing in tougher terrains and environments each time you play. Therefore, you need a durable paintball tank that will be able to resist all this wear and tear. You’ll never know when you must deal with water, rain, sand, winds, and any other weather conditions or elements that nature will throw at you. A high-quality tank will be able to resist all them.


You’ll want a lightweight paintball tank so that you can comfortably carry it with you out on the field. Do not purchase a heavy paintball tank like with the steel tanks. You will want a lighter tank because it will allow you to stay out on the field for a longer time and they are also easier to handle too. You will certainly appreciate this if you are participating in a long competition.


You will want a paintball tank that has plenty of storage space. However, you must be careful that it does not weigh too much because bigger tanks mean more weight. Like mentioned before, the 68-4500 tank model is the perfect size to get. It is lightweight while still having plenty of space to store your gas. But if you don’t mind a heavier tank which holds more gas, then go for it. Just pay attention to the material too.


Everyone cares about the price when purchasing a paintball tank. Since each person has different needs and a different budget, the tank you purchase will depend on how often you play and the style in which you play. If you only play paintball once in a while, then purchasing a cheap tank may be okay with you. On the other hand, if you are a professional or competitive player, then you will want a more expensive tank that is better quality.


Compressed air vs. CO2

There are good and bad qualities to each type of tank. CO2 is the most popular, so you will find this supported in most paintball fields. The same can’t be said for the compressed air tanks because they are not supported everywhere. Only competitive players should be using compressed air tanks.


You now have knowledge of the various kinds of paintball tanks available on the market and the differences between the materials in which they are created from. Based on this information, you can now make an informed decision about which tank is suitable for your paintball needs. Just to review quickly, the cheaper steel tanks will freeze up easily and are quite heavy. You can go a step further and spend more money on an aluminum tank, which will be easier to carry and will not rust. Carbon fiber is simply the best for all purposes. The next step is to learning about paintball guns in our beginner paintball gun guide.

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