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Let’s face it. The economy isn’t booming at the moment and people don’t have the extra cash to spend money on hobbies. Most newbies think a sport like paintball costs thousands of dollars to get involved in. After all, seasoned players spend serious dough on super high-end paintball guns. The fact is if your budget is tight then you don’t have to be like them to be competitive.

Even at this price point you will not sacrifice quality and can find a marker that performs well. What I mean to say is that the best cheap paintball guns are sometimes good enough for the average player.

The price point is important but also make sure that your picks are durable and can last a few years. We hope that this guide helps you save money because you deserve the chance to play like anyone else.

The best advice I can give you is to read in a careful manner and take your time. This is not a race and finding a gun that meets your requirements is what matters most. 

Best Paintball Guns Under 200 List


This marker is one of Tippmanns hottest sellers and for good reason. It’s resemblance to an authentic firearm uncanny which is what players love about it. This weapon is perfect for games of woodsball who looks to shoot enemies from afar. I have used it in the past and although I love it, it does have its strengths and weaknesses.

It comes equipped with a convenient dual feed option. This means you can transition from Go Magfed or Traditional Loader modes. I believe that this what makes this marker so unique and exciting to use on the field or in the woods.

Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker

With its fully pneumatic marker, the Tippmann TMC will help you become more accurate. It is unfortunate but you will have to keep refilling the gun no matter what feeding system you go with. For the typical paintballer, this will be an ideal pick.

When you look at this beautiful piece of equipment, you would never think that it is so lightweight. I used it for close to two hours and never felt it weighed me down for a minute. The inline bolt system definitely helped me intimidate anyone that stood in my way.

Upgrades are available for this marker if you need them but they are not needed. It is still comforting though that you have the ability to customize if you want.


  • Dual Feeding system lets you transition from magazine to hopper.
  • Rapid shots that are precise
  • Barely weighs much so easy to carry
  • Customize it anyway you want


  • If you play for long periods of time, the gun may start to fail

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Azodin Blitz 3[Best Paintball Guns under 200 Winner]

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Azodin Blitz 3 is a workhorse and a true performer. It has a sleek design with a tough exterior that players no they can rely on. Because of its frame, this marker fits right in your hand like a glove and never slips.

A good friend of mine who is new to the sport bought this as his first gun. It is so easy to use that even he looks like a professional using it and the price was affordable. We played a game of woodsball and it was convenient moving around because of its lightweight.

Azodin Blitz 3 Paintball Gun

Whenever I think of Azodin, the first word that comes to mind is dependable. This weapon never jams or lets you down when you need it the most. The exterior is made of a nylon-reinforced composite material. Whether you are playing a rough game in the rain or snow, you can count on it when competitions get hard.

This markers middle name is efficiency. The reason for this being is that is jam-packed with power while using the least amount of gas possible. Snipers who like to remain unseen and unheard swear by this gun. It fires shots with the least amount of noise so you can move around freely without being detected. I find it to be ideal for sneaky stacks so you can eliminate opponents before they are able to realize it.


  • Strong build that lasts for years
  • Nylon-reinforced material that makes it reliable
  • Economical use of gas without losing power
  • Robust power while remaining almost noiseless
  • Known as the best overall gun


  • Some users complain about the electronic board

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Tippmann Cronus Basic

Picking the best paintball gun under 200 isn’t an easy task but Tippmann always hits the mark. The Cronus basic is a great choice for a beginner or someone on a budget that still needs quality. If you take this on as your first gun, you will find learning the basics a pleasure.

It is durable enough that no matter what abuse you put it through on the field, it will survive. Whether it’s a beautiful Summer day or a blistering cold morning, you will be ready. Anyone that has been playing for a few months is also welcome to give this bad boy a try because it can serve them well.

Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun Player Package

The high-impact composite materials used to make this marker make it a force to be reckoned with. It is almost guaranteed that will last for years. Also, it has a stylish military look to it which makes you look like a badass.

The weight of the Cronus is so light that you will sometimes forget you are holding it. This marker is great for younger kids and adults are a bit out of shape to be holding heavier guns. Tippmann makes it even easier for you with their molded rubber grips so it will not be falling out of your hands.

You will notice the grip I mentioned above because it has a glove-like fit to it. Your movements will seem natural and you will not feel weighed down.  If you want to take it to the next level you can upgrade this weapon to a full tactical marker. Last but not least, it is really easy to aim at your enemy with very no recoil when you fire.


  • Great for rookies and mid-level players alike
  • Durable and difficult to break
  • Unique Army look
  • A cinch to carry and clutch in your hands
  • Easy to update and improve


  • Some Customers feel the gun is best for children only

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Tippmann Cronus Tactical

The Cronus Tactical is a legend in the industry and will never let you down when you need it most. You get a merger between design and ruggedness that make this gun what a top performer.

This is perfect players just starting out and need to learn the basics of the game with an accessible gun. I love playing woodsball games which means I do a lot of walking so a heavy gun is far from what I need. The Cronus Tactical is almost weightless while keeping its toughness. It does not get any better than this.

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun

Paying money for a gun that falls apart within a few months is what a lot of players worry about. You will have peace of mind with this marker because it is strong and doesn’t take much effort to maintain. If you want to clean your gun, taking it apart will be a cinch and will not need much time.

Comes with an in-line bolt system that is popular in the industry along with an internal gas line that wows you. It is all about feeling relaxed so you can worry about enjoying yourself. The last thing you want to do is be panicking on the field because your marker can’t handle long sessions.

Chopping will no longer be an issue if you buy the Tippmann Cronus.  And the gas tank is set up in a way that it will not obstruct your view. Definitely the top marker on our best paintball guns under 200 dollar list.


  • Weightless feel that doesn’t sacrifice quality
  • Minimal time needed to maintain
  • Simple to take apart and put back together
  • Won’t let a first-time player down
  • Beautiful design with spot on shooting


  • Collapsible stock not the best quality

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The GOG eNMEy is a reliable marker. It is recommended for both new paintball players and experienced ones. The exterior design of the GOG eNMEy is simplistic, so it should be easy for anyone to learn how to operate. Furthermore, the low-bolt pressure, as well as the anti-chop technology, provide assistance when you shoot the gun.

The features of the GOG eNMEy include a bottom air tank, forward grip, pistol grip (heavy-duty), and top paintball loader. But the best feature of the gun is its pneumatic design which allows the paintballs to be easily propelled forward. This eliminates the reliance on things like batteries, hammers, and springs for the ball propulsion. Since there are fewer parts in the GOG eNMEy, the gun will surely last for a lot longer than your average paintball gun.

GOG eNMEy Paintball Gun

The GOG eNMEy is mostly constructed out of heavy plastic. This gives the gun that solid durability which allows you to bring it to all sorts of harsh environments. At the same time, the weight of the gun is very light. It won’t slow you down at all if you need to move quickly.

Overall, the GOG eNMEy is very accurate and has a consistent firing rate. You won’t find too many advanced features on this gun, but that is okay. Newbies and professionals can still get a lot of use from it.


  • Great for newbies and long-time players alike
  • Fires Precise shots
  • Hefty yet strong build
  • Anti-chop technology


  • Doesn’t have the fancy features expensive markers tend to have.

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Tippmann 98 Platinum Series

The Tippmann 98 Platinum Series is also less than $200 and is a great paintball gun with many different options available. The Tippmann brand is recognized for its excellence too. This .68 Caliber paintball gun is suitable for new players who want to get better at playing the game.

One awesome aspect of the Tippmann 98 Platinum Series is how you’re able to customize the appearance of the gun. Not only that, you can make the performance better by installing optional upgrades to it as well. This is meant for people who are serious about their gameplay. If you are more of an expert player, then you will appreciate these options. You will be able to upgrade the gun’s e-trigger kit, cyclone feed system, and a response trigger.

Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Paintball Gun

This Tippmann marker is semi-automatic and is very reliable and easy to use. The split design of the receiver makes upgrades simple to initiate because the internal components are not difficult to access. This is what you need to do to install upgrades and make modifications without much hassle. If you are new to upgrading weapons, then you will be very happy with this. You can do everything from installing new sight scopes to adding new carrying handles.

Overall, your gameplay will be better than ever after you start using the Tippmann 98 Platinum Series.


  • Great for improving skills
  • Easy to upgrade and improve
  • Will not let you down when you need it most
  • Small chance of having the paint break


  • A tad noisier than other markers

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Azodin Kaos 2

The Azodin Kaos 2 is a great paintball marker for beginners. It has both an affordable price and a simple design. The best aspect of the marker is its superior flexibility and reliability. You can take the marker to multiple types of environments and still be able to play a great game.

The Azodin Kaos 2 is easy to use because it has a pop-valve design. As a result, there are not too many moving parts and components in the weapon. The fewer the parts, the easier it is to operate. You shouldn’t come across any firing problems with this marker.

Azodin Kaos 2 Paintball Marker

When you need to disassemble the marker into individual parts, it should not take you more than 5 minutes. Disassembly is necessary for situations where you need to clean the internal components of the marker or replace one of them, such as the O-rings. And since there are few internal components, the marker does not weigh that much. This makes it easier to carry while rushing around in different environments.

Best of all, the marker is comfortable to carry and shoot. The grip frame panels are made of rubber and the recoil of your shots is kept to a minimum. You will enjoy a fair amount of accuracy when shooting this weapon, especially at long distances.


  • Very little pull back when you dire
  • Great for snipers who fire from afar
  • Very little complaints about leakage issues


  • Shots can be a bit loud

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Tippmann Gryphon

The Tippmann Gryphon paintball marker is highly recommended for new and casual players. It is priced inexpensively so that novices won’t be afraid to spend the money on it. At the same time, the Gryphon is a high-quality paintball marker that provides good grip comfort and overall durability.

On the outside, the Gryphon has an attractive and simple inline blowback design. If you’re familiar with the Model 98, it is like that design. The only difference is with the Gryphon’s top-cocking bolt. But what makes this weapon particularly attractive is the internal gas line that is clearly visible. Don’t worry about it breaking because its aluminum construction is durable enough to endure tough impact. The aluminum is also why this weapon is so lightweight. You can rush quickly and not feel dragged down.

Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Marker Gun

Another thing included with the Tippmann Gryphon is a set of safety goggles. You’re supposed to wear these to protect your eyes during gameplay. A lot of markers don’t give you goggles, so it is nice to see that the Gryphon comes with them.

Accuracy is no problem with this marker. You can shoot paintballs up to 150 feet away and still retain your accuracy. The firing rate of the Gryphon is a maximum of 8 balls per second.

Overall, you won’t need to perform much maintenance on the weapon. It gives a great deal of firing power for anyone just learning to play the game. The only downside is that the marker is not upgradable.


  • Appealing design that keeps the gun light
  • Made of strong and durable materials
  • Don’t need to worry about taking acre of it frequently
  • Great for the consumer on a budget

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  • No upgrades available

Spyder Fenix Electronic

The Spyder Fenix Electronic is one of the few electronic paintball guns on the market. Its valve system makes it stand out from the rest because it is an Eko valve system. This original technology cannot be found in any other brand of marker other than Spyder. With just a 20-ounce carbon monoxide tank, the marker can fire as many as 1,600 balls. This is double the amount of fired balls that other CO tanks can accommodate.

The electronic trigger frame is the most impressive thing about this market. It gives you the kind of flexibility that you can appreciate in a semi-automatic marker. Fast ramping changes can now be done more efficiently than ever.

Spyder Fenix Electronic Paintball Marker

The neck of the Fenix has a clamping feed which can support 25 fired paintballs per second. Also, the anti-chop system in this marker will help assure that misfires don’t occur. The system requires the paintballs to be settled securely in the chamber before they can be fired. Not only will the paintballs not be chopped, but the system will ensure the marker stays clean too.

The velocity adjuster and adjustable inline regular allow users to conduct fast charges of the gun. The only bad thing is that its magnetic response trigger does not respond as well as it does in other markers.


  • Dependable and easy to store
  • Shoots almost double the rounds of your average marker
  • Velocity adjuster included


  • Trigger on the gun is not as responsive as it should be

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Tippmann Project Salvo Sniper

The Tippmann Project Salvo Sniper is a great .68 caliber paintball gun for so many reasons. It is a semi-automatic marker that has a lot of flexibility, thanks to its open bolt blow-back system. You can use nitrogen, CO2, or air under high pressure to operate this marker.

As for the cycle rate of the Project Salvo Sniper, it can fire up to 8 balls per second. And if you want to attach additional accessories, that will be an easy thing to do because of the four Picatinny rails that are located on the marker’s front shroud. However, the best thing about the weapon is how it shoots very quietly. If you’re playing a paintball game in the field and you want to remain discrete, this is the marker to use.

Tippmann US Army Project Salvo Sniper Paintball Gun M-FDP Edition

Overall, the Tippmann Project Salvo Sniper provides you with reliability, durability, dependability, and dexterity. It is easy to use because there are so many ways that you can position the gun. On top of all that, the exterior appearance is rather attractive and certainly stands out amongst other markers that are available. The marker was actually molded from the same design as the AR-15 rifle, which is used by soldiers in the United States Army. If you’re familiar with the AR-15, then you will love the look of the Project Salvo Sniper marker.


  • Any paintball on the market can be used with it
  • Nice quiet shots so your enemies can’t find you
  • Easy to position in any angle you choose


  • Not good for speed ball style games

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If you decide you can afford something a little more than $300 then check out our best paintball guns under 200 guide to learn more.