Best Paintball Gun Reviews of 2018 -Top Newbie to Pro Level Markers

The best paintball gun reviews guideAre you looking for a new hobby and interested in giving paintball a try? Or maybe you are an experienced Paintballer looking to make an upgrade that will allow you to improve your performance. Whether you are the former or the latter, you have come to the right place. Deciding what the best paintball gun ever is for you is overwhelming because there are so many options on the market. I am writing this guide because I love this sport and don’t want you to be intimated to the point where you decide not to give it a try. It is a rewarding game, and I want others to experience it as I have without all the obstacles that I had to face which is why this handbook was written.

Soon enough, you will be able to pick the ideal paintball marker for you from the dozens of models that I researched and tested on the field. There are options for paintballers of all budget levels from lower the end $100 options to premium paintball guns priced in the $1000 range with excellent quality hoppers. Before you get started, take a minute to think about the kind of features and styles you may be interested in. This will help expedite the shopping process so you can get out on the field as soon as possible.

Take your time and read the mini-reviews below along with the useful tips I recommend you follow while you shop. If you listen to all the advice I give, this process will be painless.

Best Paintball Gun List

Tippmann TiPX Marker

The Tippmann TiPX Marker second generation paintball gun is on the market, and it is a game changer. It is a .68 army style gun that comes with a CO2 air system mechanism. The previous model came with a few issues that many paintballers complained about.  Luckily for us, they listened to the criticism and made significant improvements across the board.

One thing you must worry about with the Tippmann TiPX Marker is how you store it when carrying it around in public. The paintball gun is as realistic as it gets and could be mistaken for an actual weapon that can hurt or kill someone. Other than that, you will love this semi-automatic pistol that is magazine-fed. The shape of this marker is perfect for backing up your team members as they change positions on the field and handle one opponent at a time on the ground.

What is excellent about this paintball marker is the threaded barrel that it comes with which is ideal for any barrel that has a similar size. Customization will be at your fingertips with this threaded barrel because you have the option to upgrade at any time to a barrel meets your requirements.

In the adrenaline pumping game of paintball, accuracy and having a gun that isn’t heavy are critical factors to winning a game or a tournament. Moving to where you want to be on the field will be as easy as it gets with this paintball gun and buying magazines will be affordable. They are inexpensive and easy to find so you can play as much as you want without breaking the bank. Lastly, this marker has a compact design and is made of sturdy materials so you can be sure you will get a few years of use out of this high-quality paintball pistol. The Tippmann US Army Project Salvo is another great option if you like military style weapons.

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Dye DAM Assault Matrix Paintball Marker

The Dye DAM Assault Paintball gun will give you an unfair advantage on the field and is perfect for tactical style games. It is a refined piece of machinery that is made from only the most durable materials which makes it a bit on the expensive side. The privilege of owning this premium marker comes at a price, but it is a worthwhile investment. Once you do your homework and see what it can do there will be no doubt in your mind that the price tag is worth it if you are serious about this sport. Because of its popularity, this paintball gun sells out a lot so you might not even be able to get it in some stores. Just make sure that when it is available and you are ready to make your purchase to do it as soon as possible.

Some features include the option to shift from semi-mode to auto-mode with a fire-selector quickly and without putting your guard down. Also, you can personalize the fire mode of the weapon and switch to other modes as often as you need to. I tested this marker personally and was able to change with ease from 3 round burst modes to semi-auto, and it helped me crush on the field. No matter what situation you encounter when you are out there competing, you will be ready to change firing modes easily to accommodate it.

When I first saw this paintball marker, I thought it would weight me down. I am a smaller guy, so it looks a bit intimidating, but it is very lightweight. Mostly because it has an aluminum frame that makes it this light giving you free range of motion to be ready for any type of tournament. At 5.15 pounds with the magazine equipped, you can play for hours without wearing yourself out as you would do with a more substantial gun.

If this is the paintball gun you are going to choose, get ready to kill it in tactical style tournaments.  Ignore the hefty price tag because you will not have to buy another one for at least a few years before you need a new one. Lastly, I do not buy this paintball marker if you are an absolute beginner. Stick with a cheaper lower entry gun until you are sure paintball is a sport you want to dive into as a respected baller. Paintballer HQ

Dye DAM Assault Matrix Paintball Marker

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Empire Paintball Axe Marker

The Next paintball marker on our list is the Empire Axe which is my favorite now. Comparable markers in the industry don’t come close to coming with the kinds of features that this one has. Let’s look at a few of those features and what kind of competitive advantage you will have with them on the field.

Most beginner paintball guns are judged by how accurately they shoot. Luckily for the Empire brand, this is where their gun shines. The trigger is easy to pull and the accuracy of the shots are spot on if you have the skills. You will never have to worry about the ammo in the gun getting clogged up or stuck so the process of shooting is a breeze. On the Chrono, you will get anywhere between +-3 and +-5 which is consistent when compared to other markers on the market. When I am on the field with this model of gun, I feel nothing but assurance because I know it will not let me down.

The modes on this paintball gun range anywhere from ramping to semi-shooting. It is easy to switch depending on the style of game you are playing in a tournament. For a lot of other guns, this is not the case which makes it easy to get distracted in a game where every second counts.

When you have this marker in your hand for the first time, you will feel like it was made just for you because it is easy to hold, doesn’t weigh much and the size of your hands doesn’t matter which means one size fits all. This gun is great for tournaments where endurance is important because it won’t feel like you are holding an anvil after having it in your hands for long periods of time. Having this advantage will improve how fast you move and how focused you are on the field.

Beginners love this gun because it has a short learning curve and isn’t as expensive as the other paintball guns that come with premium features. It is well rounded and takes very quiet shots so your opponents will never know you are coming. I highly recommend this one to anyone who wants to upgrade or just wants to grow their collection of guns. If you like this one, read the full review and learn why we think this is the best paintball gun for beginners.

Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun

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Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun

The Dye Proto Paintball gun is unique on this list because of how different it looks from the others.  Making a gun that was aesthetically pleasing was on the agenda before this manufacturer made it. The Paintballer who wants to make a fashion statement and look good will be pleased with the modern curves and lines that make this marker stand out above the rest. The best thing is that although it looks like it will be expensive because of how it looks; this gun is priced competitively without having to sacrifice important features.

The team over at Dye are legends in the industry of paintball. They put in as many hours as they must put in to make sure your paintball gun will be tough and cost-effective. I was amazed the moment I took this marker out of its package. The design was executed flawlessly focusing on every single detail that would make it look as realistic as possible to an actual weapon. Anyone who is an amateur or who is has been involved in the sport long enough to reach an intermediate level can consider this as an option. If you are an expert who plays in tournaments with the best in the country, you should probably move on and read our guides for more advanced players.

Because of the aluminum composite materials that were used, you can be a bit rough with this one without it breaking on you easily. At the same time, it will feel like they were thinking of you when they made it because it is easy to hold and will never slip away from your hands. The game of paintball is not for the faint of heart and you need a gun like this to be your best friend on the field.

Most people complain about how difficult it is to maintain certain paintball gun models. This one is an answer to their prayers because it is easy to preserve and keep clean. Follow the color coded 0-Rings so you can organize them properly so you don’t get muddled when you need to choose one you need.

All in all, you are looking at one very economical marker that is great for beginners who want to find out if this is a sport they want to play long term. It includes lots of features and has a design that will leave people awestruck. My best friend used this gun when he first started out and it is the one that got him hooked.  He eventually got a more advanced model but he used it for two years non-stop until it led him to that second purchase.

Learn about the benefits of a good barrel like the one this gun comes with and it will make you want this brand.

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Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Marker Gun

Next on our comprehensive list is the Tippmann X7 Phenom, a must have for anyone who calls themselves a respectable Paintballer. What makes this marker unique is that it uses FlexValve technology which provides the ultimate level of air performance by running under 300 PSI. Your encounter on the field will be unforgettable from this model by getting around 1400 shots from 45000 PSI without breaking a sweat. There is no electro-pneumatic weapon on the market that can offer you the options this one can. You can choose between different modes of fire, be able to hit whatever target you want without missing and achieve a level of air efficiency that you never thought possible. The memories you will make on the playing field with this marker will be life changing and you will be able to improve your skills in the process just in case you want to turn professional soon. This is top of the line choice for an experienced player who also happens to like playing woodsball.

I have used the X7 Phenom during a woodsball style game upstate and the 9.5-inch barrel allowed me to hit my opponents from a safe distance. Not to mention, the .68 calibers made it very powerful which can sting your opponent considerably so be careful at what part of the body you aim it. The 5 distinct firing modes that this unit comes with include PSP, Semi-Auto, Safety Full Auto, NPPL and Response. Each mode can be controlled by its electronic trigger. Also, get ready to save some serious battery power. It has a cyclone feed system so you will have the ability to shoot out 15 paintballs per second.

Customization is what really makes this one of the best beginner paintball guns that stand out from the pack. It comes in a variety of styles including M16, AK47, MP5, and other kinds of rifles. Users love that they can have the chance to transition from manual operation to electronic with one simple movement.

If you are picky and only want the best, then you are looking at the best paintball marker in the world. With the Tippmann X7 Phenom, you will enjoy the privilege of having power and versatility on a sometimes unpredictable field. Woodsball players will be crazy about it because of how easy it is to move around with a marker that is light an easy to maneuver. The ability to upgrade is also why I feel that experts who compete regularly will consider it a must-have.

Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Marker Gun

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Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Paintball Gun

The Tippmann 98 Custom is the newest updated version of the widely used Tippmann 98 model. You will find all the same attributes in the Tippmann 98 Custom which were in the original version. However, the Tippmann 98 Custom gives users the ability to renovate their weapon quickly and easily. The functionality has been enhanced and there are so many wonderful features for you to explore. If you are new to paintball, then you will appreciate how easy this marker is to use. You don’t even need to do much maintenance or cleaning of the marker either. The best part is that you can customize the marker with various upgrades that are available. If you want diversity, reliability, and durability in a marker, then the Tippmann 98 Custom is the best choice.

The Tippmann 98 Custom can survive extreme conditions and situations. It can handle tough weather conditions or rough handling of the weapon. This includes when you’re rolling or crawling on the ground. The Tippmann 98 Custom was designed with sturdy metal and a grip that is comfortable on the front and back. You could play a paintball game for hours and it will still be comfortable to hold the marker. It is soft and lightweight so that you don’t even struggle to carry it around all day.

Users have stated that the size of the trigger is suitable for any shooter, whether they’re wearing thick gloves or not. They also say the marker performs well in games because it is accurate and easy to handle. You can even pick whether you want compressed air or CO2. The Tippmann 98 Custom has the most up-to-date shooting technology. In just one second, it can fire 8 paintballs. You can’t find this speed with most other markers. On top of that, there is not much air required either. As a result, the marker can be used longer than other markers on the market.

Upgrades are easy to perform. The accessories available for these upgrades can be purchased in most reputable gun stores. Some of the upgrades you can purchase include electronic grips, barrels, stocks, drop forwards, and more. If you care about the look of the marker, the Tippmann 98 Custom’s look is very stylish and can accommodate multiple upgrades. In the end, you will be able to customize the weapon to suit your personal needs. With so many options available, you can create the exact marker that is meant just for you.

Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Basic Series

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Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker

The Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker is designed for players who want to act as snipers in tournaments. Its construction allows it to resist brutal environmental conditions while still remaining reliable to the user. The marker is also suitable for recreational paintball games as well. The aluminum material of the marker is what makes it lightweight and durable at the same time. When you shoot the weapon, it does not make much noise either.

The Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker has a 7.5” control bore and a 14” barrel. The backs of the barrels keep getting smaller each year because the paint is smaller. The market is apparently demanding this, so Empire is just keeping up with those demands. You will find the barrel backs to be .685, .675, and .680. Although this may be small, the construction of the barrel uses high-quality materials. Plus, the barrel is very accurate when it shoots paintballs out.

If you love pump paintball tournaments, then the Empire Paintball Sniper is a good choice. You may have to pay a little bit more than the average marker on the market, but it is worth it for the quality that you are getting. No matter what your experience level is at paintball, you will get a quality marker that will serve you well. The features are designed specifically for pump lovers. Once the marker arrives, you can use it right after you take out of its packaging. Just go to the paintball field and start playing your game.

Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker

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Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

The Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker is not only stylish, it is also made from a trusted brand. Empire has always been a company which creates markers that trend easily. The Mini GS Marker was designed to be easy-to-use and operate. It is a versatile marker which gives users great accuracy in their shots. With all the functions and features that are available in this model, it is certainly unlike any other marker out there today.

The Mini GS has a new innovative ASA feature which lets you take off the tank by simply pushing the ON/OFF button. This is a function which truly brings uniqueness to the Mini GS. Many paintball players yearn for the ability to remove and connect their tank easily in a game. The ASA feature will accommodate this.

When you first go to use the Empire Paintball Mini GS, it will immediately feel comfortable to you. The grip is soft and virtually impossible to slip from your hands. You could perform well with this marker for hours and still be comfortable holding it. Before you start a game with the marker, you may need 5 to 10 minutes for adjusting the LED settings so that they can match your personal playing style.

As for the cleaning and maintenance of the Mini GS, this may be tough at first. You will need to educate yourself on this by viewing tutorials on the internet. They will show you how to disassemble the marker and then clean it. This may become scary for novices because they’ll be taking off many small components and parts. Each of these parts will need to be cleaned separately too. Usually, it is only necessary to remove the bolt if you want to clean the marker. This process should take up to 6 minutes at the most.

The Mini GS is perfect for anyone who wants a durable lightweight marker that is efficient and reliable. There is no hose needed with this model design, which is one truly attractive quality about this marker. Since it is lightweight, it is easy to carry around on the field for anyone with small hands or medium-sized hands. No matter how much skill you have at paintball, the Mini GS will work for you.

Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

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Planet Eclipse Geo

Finally, the Planet Eclipse Geo is a well-designed marker that is small and lightweight. The manufacturer truly made a revolutionary paintball gun which can work in the field without any problems. Virtually all the features of this marker have been enhanced for maximum efficiency. Some of the enhancements to this marker are added eye covers, raised rubber grips, bigger display area, solenoid adjustment screw, and trimmed down milling.

Users are saying that it performs much better than Geo models have in the past. This is saying a lot because past Geo models received great reviews for their performance on the field. However, the production team at Eclipse is always looking to enhance each feature of the Geo marker to make them better in the next version. For this reason, the Geo 3.5 has much better accuracy and shot consistency than the previous versions. Plus, the lightweight and comfortable grips of the marker allow you to easily perform various actions on the field like jumping, running and crawling. Your shoulders and arms won’t even feel tired from this. If you need to adjust the marker more, use the adjustment screw that comes with it.

The Geo is simple to maintain. The only parts you will need to remove for cleaning are the prop shaft and the bolt. Once you are done lubricating the parts, you can reinstall them quickly. As for the regulator, this can be maintained every couple of months. The only downside for some people will be the higher price. However, the Geo is a marker which is suitable for novices and professionals alike. It is a high-performance marker that is easy to operate and has great versatility. Anyone looking to become an expert at paintball can train well with the Geo.

Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 Paintball Gun

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U.S. Army Project Salvo Paintball Marker Gun

Here is a paintball gun which is very affordable and reliable. It performs just the way you’d want it to in the field. Project Salvo has features which are usually found in more expensive markers. You are truly getting a good deal here for the price that you pay. There are rails included with the marker which let you connect additional accessories. Many features come with this marker, such as a marker with storage ability and an 11-ported barrel.

If you are the type of paintball player who plays aggressively and up-close to other players, then Project Salvo is perfect for you. It includes red laser sighting, a vertical foregrip, and a pressure switch. The shooting platform is very stable for delivering the highest accuracy in your shots. A lot of users love its versatility and claim it is best used in Mil-Sim games and other advanced style games. With that being said, novice paintball players can still get a lot of use out of this marker too. Therefore, don’t believe the reviews which state that the marker is only suitable for professionals.

The versatility of Project Salvo will accommodate all players and game type, whether you’re playing woodsball or Mil-Sim games. Overall, the marker is designed for tactical gameplay while adding as much realism as possible. If you want the best gaming experience possible from your marker, you should try out Project Salvo. You will not be disappointed.

US Army Project Salvo Paintball Gun

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Paintball Gun Buyers Guide

The sport of paintball has always been a passion of mine. The relationships I have built with both family members and friends are priceless to me. But it isn’t just the relationship building that makes the sport attractive. It also gives you quite a good work out and makes you healthy without having to do boring exercises in a traditional gym environment. Eventually, if players stick around long enough, they decide to compete and nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment that you get when you win your first big tournament.

Paintball isn’t just about going out there and shooting at anything or anyone you see. You will be required to push yourself mentally and will be very demanding on your body while having to be strategic about your decisions. I lot of people in this sport also happen to be gamers and they can all tell you the same thing. No matter how much fun games like Call of Duty might be, the adrenaline rush you get having the real experience outdoors could never compare to it. The rush is addictive and you will be desperately waiting for the next weekend so you can get back out and get another dose.

I am sure you are super excited at this point like I was and want to get out there as soon as possible. Before you do that though, there a few things you need to think about. As I said, a strategy will be required on and off the field. The first thing you need to do is do a little research on the accessories you want to buy to help you play. Our insanely detailed guides and reviews will help you decide which is the ideal marker for the money and what accessories you will need to go with it depending on your preferences.

Believe me when I say this because it is a mistake many people make who are beginner paintballers. Spend a little bit more to avoid cheap equipment so you won’t have to replace any of it for at least a few years. Sometimes when you try to save a bit of money to buy lower quality equipment it will cost you more in the long term. Before you start shopping around, read the following guide to learn everything you need to know before pulling the trigger on anything.

Investing in a Paintball Gun

Choosing new paintball guns doesn’t always have to be a complicated decision that requires hours of research. The process could be as simple as identifying a popular brand on the market and then going with the first marker that you see on Amazon with 4 to 5-star reviews. This method could work but if you are looking for a gun that will feel custom made for your style and physical build, you will need to get your hands dirty with a bit of research. Just because the best paintball marker is good for one individual, doesn’t mean it is ideal for another. Take your time and don’t rush it. You will feel much better about your purchase once you study the features that you need that complement your abilities.

What is The Aim of Your Paintball Gun?

Your aim will be to hit your enemy as quickly before as you can without getting shot to win. One way to get an edge in a competition is mastering the art of reloading your weapon as fast as possible. To do that you must know where the cartridge is stored on your marker and how to remove it when it doesn’t have any paint left. Each top-rated paintball gun stores its cartridge in a different area so it best to learn the location immediately. Learn the skill of reloading and practice every single day to outmaneuver players that don’t consider it important.

Most excellent paintball rifles come with different shooting modes so you can control the pace of the balls exiting your chamber. You can also set the task of loading your gun to automatic or you can just do it yourself when it is empty.

Pneumatic electronicone paintball guns are the usual choice for most players because they make their lives easier on the field. However, if you are more experienced and want a challenge, there are semi-automatic and mechanical guns you can explore if you dare. If you are just starting out, follow the majority and stick with pneumatic.

How Often Will You Play?

Every newbie Paintballer starts out by participating in as many woodsball games as possible so they usually buy the best woodsball gun available before experimenting with any others. These games last for a few hours depending on their stamina and fitness level. If you are either are not ready to commit to buying a paintball gun or simply want to test the waters, there are usually shops in the area that rent their equipment. I think this is an excellent way to get started because sometimes newbies buy equipment and end up not liking the sport. Rent the equipment first and get a feel for what it takes to play the game. If playing paintball feels right after a few games, you can then take the next steps and invest in your own equipment. Only purchase a top-rated gun when you are sure and have zero doubts.

We never review guns that we have never tried ourselves, unlike other sites. These are the kind of review sites that give honest a bad name because they give positive reviews to all products to get you to purchase them. All top-rated high-end guns we promote we love and use on the field on a weekly basis.

Is your intention to participate regularly in tournaments held monthly in the city you live? If that is the case, buy the best gun you can afford. Attempting to save a few bucks will cost you dearly when you are playing an intense game with a subpar piece of equipment. It will last longer and improve your performance which is another plus. In future posts, you will be learning all about tournaments and the best paintball gun we feel you should have for each one.

How Much is Your Budget?

Setting your budget is important before making any other types of decisions. Every player has different financial situations and are in different age brackets. Figure out the absolute highest amount you can spend and save as much as you can by doing the research it takes to know exactly what you need so you don’t waste money buying things you don’t need. There are sharks out there trying to sell you every type of accessory available knowing full well that you don’t need them so please keep this in mind. I have purchased equipment I didn’t need in the past and it was very difficult to sell. Dive deep into your research and learn everything you can to find the gun that was made for you. Top-rated paintball guns are that fit a lower budget will not be easy to find.

If you feel you don’t have enough money but don’t want to rent, another option is buying used equipment. Just because a gun is used doesn’t mean that it isn’t in good condition. Meet up with the person selling his equipment and take the paintball gun to someone who will be able to test it properly before you buy anything from a stranger.

The key factor is making sure that it was well maintained and that it won’t be defective once you are out using it. The option of buying second hand should only be considered unless you take every precaution and are careful. If you can avoid this route, it is best to buy new because you will know from day one how well maintained the gun is. It is hard to maintain a used gun that was treated poorly by its previous owner and figuring this out will not be easy even by an expert appraiser.

The last thing to keep in mind is that new paintball guns come with warranties that last anywhere from 1-3 years. Secondhand guns may have warranties that have already expired or the owner could have possibly done something to void it. Therefore, the safest route would be to buy equipment fresh out of the box and just rent until you can afford it. I promise it will be worth the wait and you will have peace of mind.

Choosing Between a Low, Medium, or High-End Gun

There is a paintball gun for every skill level and type of game that you prefer to play on the market. Are you into Recreational ball and Speedball style games? If so, you should check out medium to high-end priced guns because you will need durability and quality. Low-end markers are best for newbies just getting started who aren’t sure whether the sport is for them. They are also great for younger players which is why I introduced one to my son to see if he enjoyed playing.

Tournament players who play weekly or monthly need a gun that won’t break or jam during a competition. Only high-end guns should be an option for this type of experienced player who needs the best against skilled athletes. I know I have repeated this before but make sure you read through every single review if you are a competitive player. The information is readily available so you have no regrets.

Choose Between Electronic or Mechanical Marker?

Deciding what model, you want to go with is the first step you need to take before purchasing one of the best paintball markers for you. The two you must choose from are either electronic or mechanical. They both accomplish the same objective which is to shoot your opponent but go about it in different manners. If you know that you will not put in the consistent effort of maintaining your gun, mechanical is the way to go. They are dependable, easy to take care of, affordable and have parts that are easily replaceable if they happen to malfunction on you.

Newbies are advised to go the electronic route initially because the muscle memory necessary to be a good paintball player have not been built yet. These types of guns function on batteries which is why players who favor electro-pneumatic guns go this route. Keep in mind though that fixing these types of weapons when they malfunction is a bit higher. Affordable repair kits are available however if you are good with your hands and prefer to fix things on your own.

What Kind of Paintball Game Will You Play?

I am not a competitive player in the world of paintball. I use the sport to build tighter bonds with my children and we look forward to it every week. If you are like me and want to play recreationally, woodsball style games are best. Competitive players tend to stay away from this style of play and gravitate towards speedball which can be challenging when played with seasoned Paintballers. Let’s dig in deeper to the different types of games to figure out which one you will prefer so you can figure which is the best paintball gun for your needs.


The game of woodsball is easy enough to understand. It is played in the woods or in any other area with a theme. There are places that have a city theme and there are others where you can play in a castle setting. The games usually take place on large plots of land in remote areas that have plenty of rocks, trees, and various props to hide under which are perfect for sneak attacks. These games are great for relationship building because they require teamwork and strategy. You can’t behave as if you were out there alone or you will lose. Make sure you use mechanical guns for these games because you will need a marker that is both accurate and good for shooting from a distance.

woodsball game play


This type of game is perfect for the adrenaline junkie who likes a fast pace and doesn’t want to play on a team. They last anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes and these minutes are action-packed. Fast movements are required and every second count if you want to catch your opponent when he is off guard. It is easier said than done when playing with athletic seasoned players. You will witness close to 1000 paintballs being pumped out within a span of ten minutes and games can get emotional because the players are passionate.

Speedball players should have the best speedball gun that can fire rounds off quickly and reload in the shortest amount of time possible. There are plenty available on the market if you take the time to do your research on our site. Buying a paintball gun that matches your needs is the most important advice we could ever give you especially if you are doing it to improve your health.

speedball game play

Should You Choose CO2 or HPA?

hpa vs co2

Every single paintball gun has a cartridge in its chamber where the paint is stored. Cartridges use either CO2 or HPA gas to pump the paint out of the barrel. Electronic and Mechanical guns utilize distinct types of gasses to boost their executions.

Each paintball gun uses a different type of gas which is why it is important to find out beforehand so you can choose one with the gas that you prefer to use. Mechanical paintball markers use CO2 and are preferred by players that like easy to maintain guns. Be aware that C02 gas powered guns tend to destabilize under certain types of temperatures. For the most part, you will be alright unless the weather is extreme but is still something to keep in mind.

HPA is costly and is used to boost the performance of electronic guns. Ignore the advice given on the paintball forums stating that you should use C02 on electro-pneumatic weapons. CO2 is not highly compatible with electronic guns which is why it is likely to leak gas and absorb muck in the air. Read the instructions properly of your marker and only use the gas that they suggest so you can avoid damaging it permanently. At times, you can modify your gun to use the gas that you prefer but it is expensive and requires experience.

Most of the guns on the market use CO2 most likely because it is the most affordable option. If you are playing long games, you will find refill stations all over the field for this type of gas which is why we recommend mechanical guns once you have enough experience.

If you want to learn more go to our paintball tank guide to learn more.

Do You Need Centre Feed or Side Feed?

When in doubt always go with a centre feed for your paintball gun. The paintballs are dropped easily into the chamber swiftly. With a side feed it comes in from a corner and takes longer to be ready to fire.

Unfortunately, nearly all mechanical guns come with side feeds which surprisingly enough are preferred by a lot of experienced players. At the end of the day, you use whichever feed you feel comfortable with and your style of play. Some players rely on stealth and lurk under rocks waiting for the shot that will help them hit their target so a side feed would be perfect for them. Others like a faster-paced game where you are constantly in head to head with other players. These would need a centre feed so they can load up and fire quickly.

There will come a time when you might want to experiment and change from one feed to another. Kits are available where you can modify your marker to change the feed. It is a straightforward process but you will need to be handy with a drill to get it done properly and make sure to have one of the best paintball guns for custom jobs like this.

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