Planet Eclipse Etha Review

Planet Eclipse Etha Review

At an online store, you can expect to pay in the premium price range for the Planet Eclipse Etha. This marker is kind of like the Geo paintball marker, except the functionality and design of the Etha, are different. If you’re familiar with the Planet Eclipse Etek paintball gun performance, then you will like the Etha too. Let’s explore the Etha in greater depth with our planet eclipse etha review. You will like it because it does not get average ratings. Check out our thorough article if after reading this review to learn more.

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The spring return of the Etha repositions the bolt after each shot. The way this marker is designed and engineered makes it easy and straightforward to use. The grip frame of the Etha contains nylon composites just like the Etek. These materials also exist in the marker’s feed neck and eye covers as well. If you’re an experienced player, then you might not like having a paintball gun with composite plastic which is why it is best for entry level players. The pros usually prefer carbon fiber. In comparison to markers made from metal, plastic might seem inferior. However, the plastic of Etha is still very durable material, and it makes the gun affordable too.


The Etha performs well while in operation. It features a flexible SL 3 regulator which is a standard component in many of Planet Eclipse’s high-end markers. This flexibility lets the regulator handle different levels of output pressure from the tank. This is how the performance and reliability of the marker are enhanced. If you have low or high tank pressure, then it won’t matter because the functionality of the regulator will still be there. The 2-piece barrel of the Etha allows you to shoot under many various modes, such as semi and PSP. Under semiautomatic, some modes are uncapped and capped. There will be a noticeable kickback after you shoot the marker. The shooting tends to be loud, but it won’t be an annoying loudness. The reason for the loud noise is likely because the barrel tip does not have enough porting holes in it.

The trigger of the marker feels firm, but that’s likely due to the spring return being used rather than magnets. Many paintball players are used to the adjustable triggers that are magnetic, so the trigger design of the Etha might be something they won’t like. Users often claim that competing paintball gun brands, such as the Axe and Drone, have a better shooting performance because they don’t vibrate too much like the Etha does. However, the Etha is a very accurate marker, and it has a smooth feeling as you continue to make shots with it. Before there is any noticeable drop-off, the 4,000 psi will allow the marker to shoot up to 1,000 balls. As long as you don’t have super high standards, then you will like the Etha.

Planet etha paintball gun case


When you feel the Etha in your hands, it is comfortable and very lightweight at around 2 pounds. That’s not bad when you consider it has a barrel and body made from aluminum and a 14.5-inch long shaft. Although there have been some complaints about the little space available around the trigger guard, most people like how the contours of the double density panel grips feel.  In fact, it will feel just like the high-end markers that are used in tournaments, except this one is much better priced.


Due to the exclusive grip of the Etha, it cannot be upgraded with another. What can be updated is the feedneck, although the factory version is just fine as is. Other things you might want to upgrade are the trigger, barrel, and ASA. Violent Products makes many types of triggers for the marker. Also, there are lots of hardware and software options available, such as an on/off manual eye control, firing mode control, battery level indicator (3 stages), and bright LEDs (multicolored). A Virtue OLED board w/ an organic display screen is available if you want. Its processor can handle 10 million operations in just one second. Best of all, bolt cycles are tracked with the OLED board maintenance monitor. If there the marker needs to be lubricated, then you can look at the lube monitor to see if it does.

The Etha gets its efficiency from the Techt MRT bolt. It features a very soft spring, soft face tip, and a durable, lightweight aluminum body. According to Techt, using this upgrade will create a 60% reduction in the weight of the bolt. It will also boost the shots up to 25 feet per second. There is an EMC tactical body kit and 100% lifetime warranty that comes with the Etha. The body kit is made of durable reinforced nylon and is lightweight. It has 3 tactical body rails which are 7/8 inches each. This will accommodate different types of accessories, like lasers and sights. You can use Tippmann 98 or BT-4 stocks for the body in the back. With this body kit, you will have a lot more flexibility with your marker.


People in the paintball world know Eclipse high high caliber paintball guns for their impressive self-sufficiency. This means little maintenance is needed to keep up the marker’s efficiency. You just need to apply lubricant about every 5 cases, but usually longer. The only regular maintenance necessary will be to wipe the bolt, lubricate the O-rings, and swab the breach area.

Some users say there are issues with the poppet spring. However, anyone who purchases a new Etha will receive free poppets without springs from Eclipse. But you won’t get this if you are buying the Etha in used condition so keep that in mind. Eclipse has always gone above and beyond for their customers to make them happy


The Etha is suitable for all paintball players, regardless of their experience. There is excellent accuracy with the shots of the marker, and it is very lightweight, which makes it comfortable to use. As for the price, it is very affordable when compared to other similar markers that are more expensive. I hope this planet eclipse etha review has helped you make an informed choice.

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