Night Paintballing Tips For Evening Games

Night Paintballing: Tips For Evening Scenario Games

A true paintballer can play the game at any time of the day. Whether the sun is shining bright or it is pitch black out, they have a strategy for every scenario. The reason they do this is because there are now games on weekends that last up to two days. It gets the most difficult in the evening when night paintballing starts. There are challenges that you will face in the shadows that you don’t face in the daytime. My first game of night paintball was a frustrating nightmare. By writing this guide for you about playing paintball in the dark, you will be ready and have a good experience.

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Type Of Lighting Used On The Paintball Field

A lot of times they want to make it more challenging and your only source of light is the moon. Sensible venues will have generators up and running with floodlights on towers. Your goal should be to locate these towers and spend a good amount of time there. It will be easier to pick off opponents but you may expose yourself a bit.

Clothing Used In Night Time Games

Most newbies will change into black colored gear so they can feel like stealthy ninjas in the dark. The irony is that they end up making it easier for the enemy to find them because they stick out. My advice for you is to stick with the same camouflaged clothing that you use for daytime games. The trick to winning has nothing to do with clothes but has more to do with finding the direction of the light. If the light is coming from the left side, stay down and try to shoot players from this position. Moving from here will get you spotted so stay stationary.

Shadow Technique is They Key To Victory

Always keep an eye out for your shadow and observe it as you move around the field. Keep your body low no matter how tempted you are to stand erect where you can see your shadow the least. If at any moment a bright light is coming from the back, you are in the right place. The light will make your enemy squint and that will be the perfect moment for you to tag them with a shot.  

Bright Objects on the Field

Every evening exhibition has rules when it comes to staying visible on the field. Most players should have glow sticks on them or anything else that shines. If your marker comes equipped with an LED screen, try your best to cover it up.Your glow stick should be the only advantage that you give your opponent on the field.

Type of flashlight To Use on the Field

To take the appropriate safety precautions, every player should have a flashlight on them at all times just in case they get lost. There are a number of things that can happen to you if you cannot see where you’re going. It is possible to trip on uneven surfaces, add an item fall out of your pockets, or have a friend that needs medical attention and you want to locate them.

It is important to consider the color of the light of the flashlight that you bring with you to the field. it is best to find a flashlight that has a red filter because red lights tend to be dimmer than white ones.  With a white light, it will be easy to find you and take you out. Some players who can afford the expanse attach a torch to the rails of their paintball marker.This is actually quite useful because you won’t have to hold the flashlight your other arm. Having both your arms free increases the accuracy of your shots. Also when you are disqualified from a game, it will be easy to signal to others that you are no longer playing.

Dirty Blinding Technique

There are ways to gain a competitive advantage that are considered morally Gray. The one trick I like to use on occasion is called The Binding technique. All you need is a cheap video recorder that has a flash mode. Whip the camera out when you are stuck in a position that you cannot move out of. Once you press the flash button, it will force them to blink and you have at least a minute to get moving.

Being Sneaky and Lying

I think what makes playing paintball in the dark exciting is being forced to be creative. Your level of stealth will increase and so will your ability to lie to the enemy. In previous scenario style tournaments, I went as far as convincing a paintball player I was his teammate. He fell for it and I was able to tag him out when he let his guard down. This is just one of the many sneaky tricks I use to take home the win. Please keep in mind that there are no rules against doing this. It is encouraged and adds a bit more spice to the game. If someone treats you like this, let It go and accept that you lost.


The massive book can be written about the art of playing paintball in the dark. A post like this can get you started with the basics but you should read up on it further to learn more. Remember that obeying the rules and playing safely should be your priority. Another great tip is to explore the field in the daytime to get the lay of the land.This ensures that you will know where you are going no matter how dark it gets. Getting lost is dangerous and you could get hurt. Be considerate of paintballers that are either new or young. Let them surrender without firing if you can. I hope this helps and that you will get out there and kick some butt.

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