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Top 7 Most Expensive Paintball Guns

A majority of the guides that we write on Paintballer HQ are written to help readers save money. We find the best deals on top rated gear in the industry so our readers don’t have to waste time doing it alone. But this paintball marker guide will be different. It is for those who are hardcore paintballers and only want to play with the best. These paintball guns surpass all expectations and are not used by most players.

The companies we talk about today cater to the needs of players who buy the most expensive paintball guns. These markers are usually meant for speedball games but there are some for Woodsball too. A company that is at the top of the luxury paintball gun market is RAP4 and they are great at what they do.

There is a batch here of high end guns made for both speedball and scenario games. One of my favorites on the list is the Breda M37 8mm Machine Gun by RAP4. It packs a ton of power and looks very realistic when you see it fired.

expensive machine paintball gun on grass

RAP4 Breda M37 8mm Paintball Gun Machine Gun

I recommend this to any paintballer who loves to collect and has the budget to afford it. It is scare how it resembles an actual machine gun to the naked eye. Any player that sees you with this will be intimidated no matter what level he plays at. As far as mechanical markers go, there is no other marker that can beat it.

Some of the features that come with this beast are a level 10 anti-chop bolt and an ultra-trigger pull kit. With its custom electronic trigger, you can shoot at a variety of modes such as full auto and 3 round burst.

There is only one drawback if you buy this RAP4 machine gun. It doesn’t store many paintballs because it tries it best to look authentic. Lastly, make sure you are in good shape or a bigger guy because it is heavy to hold.

RAP 4 T68 M240 Paintball Machine Gun

RAP 4 does it again with yet another popular high end model. There is no way that everyone will not stare at you when they see you carrying around this marker. The T68 M240 model has a metal exterior which makes it bet on the hefty side but it looks hyper realistic. Anyone who loves Milsin markers will be tempted to buy it.

Because of its firestorm trigger, you can shoot in a variety of modes. They include full and semi-automatic depending on the scenario you are facing. It differs from the Breda M37 in one specific way. You can use both CO2 and HPA to power it up.

Planet Eclipse Geo CSR

This marker is a speedball players dream but is one of the most extravagantly priced on this list. Although similar to the Geo CS1 model, there are a few differences you need to keep in mind. There have been small modifications made to the eye cover and the POPS assembly. It is these changes that make it a lightweight option that makes similar power as heavier guns.

Planet Eclipse Geo CS1

One of the biggest issues I dealt with at speedball tournaments was my markers micro line. I would always lose my grip when it would get in the way during a game. It was not convenient and a problem that has now been solved with the Geo CS1 model. There will be no annoying hoses needed if you buy this marker. It has fully internal air passage that makes it unnecessary.

Tired of buying overpriced 9-volt batteries that don’t last long? Planet Eclipse also has you covered because all you will need is 2 AA batteries and you will be good to go. You save money by buying affordable batteries that last twice as long as an expensive 9-volt.

Planet Eclipse Geo CS1

Dye M2 MOSAir

This is one of the top paintball guns in the popular Geo line. Dye upgraded this weapon from the original Dye M2 that was one of the top speedball markers in the industry. It comes with a MOS Air Circuit board that can connect to the Dye I5 e.VOKE kit. You will be able to hear everything going on near you directly in your own ear. With this edge on other average players, you will win a lot more games.

Lots of useful information is provided in your ear while you play. Some of the alerts include shot trackers, service alerts and elimination trackers. The latter is very helpful because you will know how many enemies are still on the field and where they might be. Also, get ready to become a better paintballer with this models training mode assistant. It will teach you how to conduct drills the right way and learn the snap shooting method.

Dye M2 Paintball Marker

DLX Luxe Ice

The people over at DLX are taking it to the next level with this incredible marker. It is called the DLX Luxe Ice and it looks just as sexy as it sounds to those who value aesthetics. Every area of the Luxe Ice was built to fit like a glove in your hand and so you can shoot from a variety of angles. Anyone from the beginner to the pro speedballer will have everything they need to be the best.

When you pull the trigger, you will not believe how quiet it is but doesn’t sacrifice power.  At the same time, it is made with lightweight materials that will not wear your arms out during longer games. I was really impressed with the way the new vertical regulator was built. It makes you a more efficient player allowing you to hold your marker in a relaxed position.

DLX LUXE ICE Paintball Marker Gun

Dye Assault Matrix DAM

If you are an avid Woodsball player and have the money to invest, the Dye Assault Matrix is the marker for you. It is the most expensive paintball gun on the market and for good reason. Considered to be the ideal paintball gun for scenario style players, it will make you a feared tactician on the field.

Picattiny rails are an important feature and the more they have the better off you will be. The assault Matrix comes with one so you attach either a Go Pro to it or a red dot.  Because it is electric you will be able to switch between different fire modes which is why I love it.

What really makes this Woodsball gun unique is that I can shoot using Strike paintball rounds. For any Woodsball player this is a game changer and can increase their odds of taking home a win by at least 50%. Once I transition to Woodsball style games this will be the marker I buy to bring my A-game.

Dye Assault Matrix DAM Paintball Marker Gun


The all-around winner on the most expensive paintball gun list is definitely the RAP4 Breda model. It helps me tear the fields up and bring fear into my enemy’s eyes. While it definitely put a massive hole in my bank account it was well worth it because I compete often. If you are a paintballer who plays in his or her leisure, I recommend you stick with the normal priced markers. But if you want to take the game seriously, every gun on this list will help you do that.

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