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How To Start A Paintball Team

Every player who gets tired of playing one on one games always asks me about how to start a paintball team. They make it out to be this impossible task but they are wrong. Finding a team is as simple as finding a few like-minded players and declaring that you are a team. Once you make this declaration you can play in all the team games like tournaments, scenario style games, and professional leagues. Continue reading if you want to know the tips you need to get going and do it right.

#1 Get Out To Your Local Fields and Play

The important thing to do is to get out there and start to mingle with other players. If you can only make it out on Friday, Saturday or Sunday choose one day and go the same day every week. You will be able to build relationships by playing with the same players on a consistent basis. The key is to make yourself known to find players for your team and build a reputation as a good paintballer.

#2 Play Against Better Players

By doing this, your skill level will increase while people get to know you. If you become a better player, the elite teams will come to seek you out. What I like to do when I go out on the field is to play on the team that is not as good as the one they are playing. It allows me to study the skilled paintballers by going against them. The result will be that you go home with serious bruises but go home with lots of mental notes on how to be a great player.

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#3 Get to Know the Field Managers

Start talking with guys that run the field zone or the field manager. You will be able to see what other teams they have and ask when they practice. A lot of teams run specialty classes early on Sunday morning or Saturday nights. Finding out when the special events are will keep you in the loop.

Once you get to know the managers ask them for advice about how you can get a team started. Offer them value up front by asking what you can do to benefit them or their field. They might need your help for a variety of tasks and chores around the premises. I recommend that you accomplish those tasks to gain respect. A well-built bond like this will get you better deals and other perks if you play your cards right.

#4 Be Active in The Online Community

Social media will help you reach out to a ton of players and teams on the internet. If you do a quick search on Facebook, you will see there are a ton of Groups available to join. Once you get comfortable in the groups, start messaging members and asking questions. You will learn a lot this way about teams and meet new friends that might become teammates in the future. Your goal should be to be everywhere that you can to get your team started.

#5 Start Small

Whether it be a three or 5-man tournament, get a couple of guys together and start playing. Try and keep the same core guys collectively playing every weekend get in lots of games. Expect to get your butt kicked in the beginning and be realistic about expectations.

#6 Don't Get Discouraged

This is a tough sport and it is not for everyone. Put in the time and the work but never give up no matter how much you lose. Practice and repetition will be the key ingredient to take you where you want to be. The best thing to do to keep your spirits up is to support each other and build your teammates confidence. Even when mistakes are made, there should not be any screaming or insults hurled.

#7 Be Loyal and Reliable

Make sure that you and the guys you choose to play with keep their promises. This means showing up when you are supposed to show up and don’t make excuses. People tend to flake out a lot because waking up at 8 am on a Sunday is not easy. Those are the type of players you need to stay away from.

#8 Don't Put Too Much Emphasis On Gear

A lot of the younger players seem to think they need an entire gear package so everybody has the same equipment. You don’t need to do this in the beginning of your team’s career. Things like jerseys do give you a sense of unity but it will not make or break your success.

#9 Save Your Money to Buy Paint

Save your money for something like paintballs which you will be using every time you play. It is always best to buy paint on the day you need it because it will be fresh and ready for use. We will see a lot of teams go out with expensive gear packages and they end up not having enough for paintballs. They end up selling their gear to buy some and then they don’t have the gear to play.

#10 State Your Goals in Writing

Everyone on the team needs to be on the same page so there is no miscommunication. What I did with my team was to create a mission statement and handed everyone a copy of it. We conducted a meeting and everyone agreed to abide by the rules that the mission statement stated. This makes it easier to replace a player if he is flaky in the future and doesn’t follow the regulations of the team.

I hope that these tips can help when you decide you want to learn how to start a paintball team. If you have any other questions or need me to get more depth about a tip, please leave a comment below and I will happily respond in due time.

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