how to be a paintball sniper

How To Be A Paintball Sniper – A beginners Guide

Since the start of the sport of paintball, the word “sniper” has been the topic of heated debates. Many players deny that snipers even exist. Their point of view is that it would take years of experience to have the skills it requires to be one. Yet if you have played paintball long enough, you know that they do exist and are crafty players. They hit you from out of nowhere when you least expect it leaving you wondering how it happened. Paintball snipers are patient, accurate and know how to hide so they can’t get caught. My hopes are that this guide teaches you why they exist and how you can become one. It will not be easy but it is possible if you follow the tips in this guide.

It has been years since I have been teaching myself the art of being a paintball sniper. Guys like me don’t exist to most players until they face my team in a game of woodsball that is.

What Makes a Paintball Sniper Unique?

If you want to be a competent sniper, your mental game has to be sharp. You have to be comfortable being alone for long periods of time. It is a perfect position for someone who is a bit of an outcast and plays well alone. Next, you must learn how to study your enemy. Learn how to think like him to be able to predict his every move. Understanding how to do this lets you set traps for them where your chances of hitting them go up.

Most people think that you need a bunch of expensive equipment to be a real sniper. This is not always the case. Be good at predicting your opponents move and you will only need a minimal amount of equipment. Improving these skills will make your enemy fear you and make him want to find you as soon as possible. A skilled sniper is the most dangerous person on the field and everyone knows that. The video below is a great example of a skilled sniper who uses the woods to hide and trap opponents.

Paintball is a strategic game that is more about patience than going out there and shooting. The fields are set up like a chess match. Each player has his own position or rank and some targets are worth more than others. One of the most valuable skills you can get is a sniper. Once the sniper is out, players can stop worrying about getting hit from out of nowhere.

When learning about what it takes to be a sniper, you have to be picky about the information you study. Some guys claim they know what they are doing but end up giving some bad advice. Most of these wannabes shoot at anything that moves and have no stealth skills at all. A real sniper can get behind enemy lines without being seen or heard. Many times he will not even shoot at an enemy that is right in front of him until he is 100%. If you fire without thinking all the time, you will get killed without a doubt.

Wearing the correct gear is the key to hiding yourself well. Wear camo clothes that match the color of your environment. Most guys compete in hunting clothing when playing woodsball. If you want to go all the way, buy a camo colored gun so it makes it harder to get spotted. The only color that you should have on you is your team’s armband. Everything else should be camo colored if you want to be invisible to others.

paintball sniper hiding under bushes

Don’t bother wasting your money on a ghillie suit. They tend to be expensive and are not necessary. The suits are heavy which makes them hard to move around in. They also make it much easier to spot you and make it obvious what your position is.

Head movements are very important when it comes to being a good sniper. Learn to move your head as little as possible and use your eyes more to spot enemies. The more you move your head the easier it will be to spot you. Another great way to remain undetected is by learning to be still for long periods of time. Choose areas where players would never expect you to hide in to throw them off. The more unpredictable you are the easier it will be to deceive your opponents. An example of this would be picking a spot that would never be used as a place for cover.

The ideal style paintball gun for a sniper is a short marker. With a long gun, it will often get stuck and is difficult to maneuver. Short paintball guns are also lighter and won’t wear you down after holding it for a long time. My favorite paintball gun as a sniper is the Tippmann A-5 which is popular in the industry.

Many people don’t realize how important buying proper paint is when it comes to being a sniper. Pick paint that is ovular shaped that has no imperfections. If it breaks without much pressure, chances are that it is low quality and not a good pick. Some paintballs will not break if you shoot them off from a certain distance. Make sure you find ones that will break even from afar or you will not be able to say you hit your enemy and lose the game.

Practicing every day can only make you more accurate and comfortable. Find a place where you can practice daily. I set up a spot in my backyard and I have improved a lot by being consistent. Use trees as your target or set up some cans to hit. Aim for certain parts of the tree and see if you can get close enough to the spot you wanted. Shoot from different ranges because you will be shooting enemies from different distances.

That is all as far as tips are concerned. I hope that you follow these to the tee and you will see how fast you become a legendary sniper. It will not happen overnight but with practice and dedication, you will get there. If it is not for you, no worries. There are plenty of ways to play the game of paintball. Experiment and you will find an ideal role for you. And if you need a good paintball sniper marker, check out our best candidates here.

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