Gog Enmey Marker Review

Gog Enmey Marker Review

There are so many entry level paintball guns and accessories on the market that most newbies don’t know where to start. Anyone who knows anything about these markers knows that GOG is a great brand for both new and experienced players who want a paintball marker that is reliable. GOG recently released their latest product called “eNMEy.” This product features all the traits of a quality pump gun that GOG is best known for having in their arsenal.

I tested all the features in this GOG eNMEy review over the past two weeks, and each aspect of the gun was terrific. Since this was made by them, these results didn’t surprise me.


The Design

The GOG eNMEy is not a fancy weapon because it appears to have a standard looking design. In other words, it looks just like any other heavy duty paintball gun with the bottom air tank, top paintball loader, and heavy-duty forward grip and pistol grip. However, the operation of the eNMEy is what makes it different than other weapons in the industry. Standard armaments depend on batteries, hammers, and springs to project the paintballs into the air. The GOG eNMEy uses pneumatic technology to shoot out the paintballs. This allows there to be less moving parts in the weapon, which increases its reliability and means there are fewer pieces that get broken down while playing paintball with your friends.

I would give it a 95% rating just because the pneumatic design was awe-inspiring. It allowed the weapon to shoot smoothly as the paintballs steadily came out of the gun while firing. In fact, the gun continued to perform well after using it for many hours. The quality just seemed to always be there no matter how much I used it.

Material of the Gun

The eNMEy is made of a composite plastic material with a simple design. This solid construction makes this piece of pro paintball gear durable enough to withstand any environment that you’re playing a game in. At the same time, the plastic makes the weapon lightweight and easy to carry around, even when you have loaded the weapon entirely with paintball ammunition. This will be helpful to new players who aren’t used to carrying so much weight. However, the durability of the weapon will not protect it against accidentally dropping it onto the hard ground. This will cause it to break or chip, so be careful.

I will give the construction of the gun a 75% rating for this reason. Plus, the construction isn’t anything that great or impressive to look at. But there are no flaws in the construction either. It is just a standard construction with a lifetime warranty. Now let’s move on in this Gog eNMEy review to see how this marker shoots.


The GOG eNMEy marker pro has an excellent firing ability because of its anti-chop technology and lower bolt pressure feature which gives it dangerous power. Anti-chop means the bolt goes back to the position it started at if the paintball is seated wrong. As a result, there is no chance of a chop occurring. The bolt is easy to remove to get rid of blockage too.

The eNMEy is very accurate with its spool valve design because every time the trigger is pulled, air flow consistently goes into it. This groups the shots better and increases the accuracy of the shots. The pressure of the weapon can be adjusted to accommodate various paintball sports tournament conditions or recreational games that you want to play.

The shooting gets a 90% rating from me because it is highly accurate and has a superb firing rate. New players will feel comfortable with it for this reason. Instead of being discouraged from missing a lot, they will be encouraged as they find their accuracy getting better.


After you’ve used your weapon for the day, you must perform maintenance on it. which is something all paintball players have to deal with. This will require a care kit which contains numerous items. They need to be used for every cleaning. There won’t be much to clean, though, because there are fewer components in this weapon than in regular weapons. The first cleaning might take you some extra time because you’re just getting used to taking apart the weapon and piecing the parts back together. After you’ve gotten this experience, cleaning should take you under 10 minutes.

I will give the weapon maintenance a 90% rating. It is not that hard to learn how to clean the weapon and it is simple enough to put back together. Just be sure to purchase a GOG detent kit, so that you have all the right tools for cleaning. Many players use paintball masks when doing this so you don’t get any chemicals in your eye.

Personalizing the Weapon

There are many gun colors available. Choose one that reflects your personality and style. The hopper can be upgraded too at an affordable price. If you don’t like the barrel, that can be upgraded to something like the GOG Freak Barrel. Most shooters love this barrel on their weapon.

The personalization options get an 80% rating. There are only a few key components that can be upgraded, but the weapon still shoots great as soon as you take it out of the box. I wouldn’t recommend it to pro paintball players for this lack of customization.


I recommend the GOG eNMEy to everyone who wants to play a basic game with their paintball team. There are probably more accurate guns on the market, but the eNMEy is excellent as a starter weapon or just to use for fun.  We hope that our Gog eNMEy review will help you make the best possible decision is this is the marker for you. Learn more about the best paintball guns if this one isn’t for you on paintballerhq.com.

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