Empire Sniper Review

Empire Sniper Review

The Sniper paintball marker has been around since 1986. As of today, it continues to be popular in paintball games. The design was derived from the Autococker marker design and is meant to be used in tournaments. The cost of the Sniper is in the median range for the intermediate player which you will learn more about in this Empire Sniper review . It is a durable marker that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. It performs beautifully too if used with paintball gloves.

Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker

Build of the Empire Sniper

The tournament level Empire Sniper is constructed as a pump marker which operates under low pressure and has a vertical feed system of 10 rounds. The barrel has an Autococker threading design, and the receiver has an auto trigger which lets you shoot paintballs quickly. The 2-piece barrel is 14 inches long and made of aluminum. There are 3 inserts for the barrel, including .685, .675, and .680. This paintball gun is constructed with a pump assist plate that you can remove. There is also an inline regulator that has a swivel adapter, and there is a Delrin pump handle too. You will find excellent stability with this marker, thanks to its double rods (pump style) that are made of stainless steel. The gauge has 300 psi and can go on the left or right side of the gun. 


The Empire Sniper only requires a hopper, paintballs and an air bottle. At slightly more than 2 pounds, this pump marker is very light and will give you great balance. The bottle adapter of the Sniper can be turned on or off, and there is a lever to operate it. This will send air through an air adapter and in between the inline regulator and the air bottle. The hopper is secured with the clamping feed neck of the lever. 

The internal components continue to operate and move because of the two pump roads made of stainless steel. The pump handle has a spring which allows it to return and it is very lightweight, making it easy for you to hold in your hands. This function enables the user to fight back against a target quickly. Depending on your preferences, there are many different air bottles and hoppers available.

Firing Performance

The grips of the Empire Sniper contain wrap molds to give your hands more comfort. Also, there is a groove for your finger to go on. When you go to shoot the marker, it will feel great which is why a lot of paintball players like to use it. In fact, the popularity of the marker can be attributed to its speed, since it shoots as quickly as most semi-auto markers. This paintball marker is considered the top pump model of its class, due to its accuracy and speed. You can be more than 50 feet away from your target and still accurately hit it. 

The pump assist of the Sniper’s pump handle lets users re-cock their gun just by squeezing their 2 fingers together when playing paintball. Meanwhile, you can keep the barrel aimed at what you’re shooting at. All follow up firings will be smooth and precise. There are adapters on the gun which accommodate players who are both right handed or left handed. The marker has an ergonomic frame with a .45 grip and one drilled auto trigger to give it the proper weight. Even the safety button is easy to access. And thanks to the 2-piece style aluminum barrel, the shots are very quiet.

The Style

You can only get the Empire Sniper in grey and silver colors. The color of the parts and components are 100% black. Although the marker may not look fancy and stylish, it still seems good enough as a paintball gun. In a way, the dull colors can be a good thing because it will help camouflage the weapon if you’re in the woods or some flat colored arena. 


You can use the Empire Sniper as soon as you take it out of its packaging. There is hardly any maintenance needed, and all you need to concern yourself with is to keep the bolt clean and lubricated. This is how you will keep your shots quiet. You should also apply lubricant to the pump rod so that the pump stroke is better. After 5 cases, you should remove the regulator and lubricate it too. 


There are only a handful of complaints made toward the Empire Sniper. Most of them are about the barrel kit which contains 3 pieces, which a lot of players don’t think is sufficient enough. Another downside is the lack of upgrade options that are available. Some of the upgrades available are the Exalt Reg Grip, TechT Hush Bolt, and the CP Reg Extender. Other reports from users have suggested the marker has a fragile gauge which easily breaks if it is subjected to a lot of force or impact. The shooting noise may be too loud for you also. 


Overall, the Empire Sniper is still worth getting because it is a reliable piece of paintball gear. Even though you have to spend about $350, the Sniper is designed for serious paintball players who want to have a valuable gun to use in a game or tournament. Read more to learn about other guns.

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