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Empire Mini GS Review: Pros and Cons

The Empire mini GS is well-known on fields across the country. Empire has a brand that is popular, respected by many in the community and focuses on superior quality products. This unit is the 2.0 version of the older Mini model with a serious upgrade. It is now more flexible and makes you a more efficient competitor.

It’s enhanced grip helps you feel right at home which is why it is so legendary. The upgrades are a game-changer and Empire knows it helps them stand out from other brands. Some of the features this paintball gun comes with include a rubbery surface, an on or off ASA and the list continues in detail below.

Empires 1.0 version is still used and well reviewed by beginner to intermediate level players. It is ideal for Speedball players who cannot get enough adrenaline rushes. The updated mini GS outperforms its older brother by a very wide margin. I hope that this Empire mini GS review below convinces you to buy this marker as I did. Your skills will improve with practice and it will last for years to come.

Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

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  • Different modes of fire
  • Enhanced grip made of rubber
  • Easier to hold because of the improved trigger frame
  • OLED board with a drop in red line
  • Barrel made of aluminum
  • Durable feed neck
  • Two screw layout that lets you take marker apart quickly
  • Many upgrade options
  • The perfect weight at under 2 pounds
  • Special ASA low profile regulator


Not much preparation is needed to get this Marker going. Even without being habituated, it already fire at close to 275 FPS. Give it enough time and you will get it pumping out paintballs at 293 FPS in no time. Setting up the speed is a breeze if you have an allen wrench on you. This paintball gun is the ideal combination between affordable and top performing. Make sure to utilize a 45 / 4500 HPA tank. You will get at minimum 100,000 paintballs fired before the tank needs to be filled up again.

High levels of recoil when firing this marker is not an issue this time around. It is usually about 1 inch and you are barely able to hear any sound. The Mini GS is one of the most quiet paintball guns on the market. And whether you are left or right handed performance will be the same so no need to worry.

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Simple to Use

Without showing you a video, it is difficult to make you see how this gun handles. My best advice is a test it at your nearest paintball field. Once you do give the mini Gs some love, you will become hooked right then and there. I feel like you get the performance of a high-end marker while paying very little money. the paintball the community has received it with open arms and the good reviews are all over the net. The feeling you get the first time it is in your hands cannot be forgotten.

The way the rubber grips mold into my hands is comfortable and I know I will never drop my paintball  gun. When I play the sniper position, I hit enemies with little effort without giving up my location. As long as you have a little experience, the learning curve is nonexistent. Take about 5 to 10 minutes to get the gun sorted, choose whatever style of play you like and you are ready to crush it.

Micro-Switch Trigger

The mini GS has a micro switch trigger that has changed the game. Whenever you fire off a paintball, you here a unique clicking sound. This means you get accustomed to how pulling the trigger feels so you can increase your accuracy. Although it is the best in its class, the Axe and the Axe Pro have this mechanism also so you might know about it. the trigger of this marker is all prepped and ready to go for tournament such as PSP and milsim style games.

On/Off ASA

My biggest issue with the last mini GS model was that it did not have an on / off ASA feature. Not having this function makes it a nightmare when you want to take your tank out. Removing air from your tank can now be done with the simple push of a button. The Empire vanish has always had this function but you paid a premium for it. Adding this feature is what makes the newest Empire model feel unique. Devoted customers can focus on having a good time instead of worrying about their tank all the time.


Owning a paintball marker that is easy to take care of is important if you want to have a good time. It affects your performance, how many enemies you kill, and how often you hit them. It may take a little time for you learn how to use the Empire GS but it will be time well spent. Like anything you wish to learn in life, you must be patient. Enjoy the journey and learn every little part and what it does so you don’t end up breaking any pieces.

Have a system in place and memorize each and every step when working on your table. The best way to learn is by going on YouTube and watching guides which is what I did initially as a beginner until I got the hang of things. Paying attention to details is the key and always know when it is time to maintain your marker without overdoing it. Cleaning is the easiest part because only the bolt has to be taken out.

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  • Lightweight and easy to hold steady
  • Continuous shooting without clogging up
  • Quick shooting
  • Accuracy is predictable
  • Brand is well known and respected
  • ASA button and rubber grip included
  • Very little pull back
  • Affordable
  • Great for players at all levels
  • Doesn’t chop balls
  • Many unique firing modes


  • Not good for players with big hands
  • Tank might leak if you don’t monitor regularly


I have yet to meet a paintballer that doesn’t love this gun for its affordable price and variety of features. No matter what level of play you are at, this paintball marker is for everyone.  The only disadvantage that I pointed out before is the learning curve when it comes to maintenance. Once you get over this and get the hang of it, it is basically smooth sailing from there. Take advantage of the video tutorials all over the net and you will be okay. There is nothing you cannot learn with a little bit of initiative.

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