Empire Invert Mini Review

Empire Invert Mini Review

The top-rated Empire Invert Mini may be a slightly small marker, but its shooting performance certainly makes up for its size. This marker weighs less than 2 pounds after it is completely assembled. However, you’ll get the same kind of accuracy in your shots as you would with a marker of average size. The marker is moderately priced and can be handled easily. Because of this, it has grown in popularity quickly so please read our empire invert mini review if you want to learn more.

invert mini review

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You don’t need to worry about the durability of the Empire Invert Mini. Empire Paintball provides a limited lifetime warranty when you purchase this small marker. Now you have the freedom to play paintball as, and you don’t need to worry about damaging it. In fact, the marker is ready to be used in competitions or simply recreational games.


The firing rate of the Empire Invert Mini goes up to 20 bps. A lot of people will be surprised that a marker like this can perform so well. The Invert Mini will be faster and more accurate than the markers of your competitors. The rates of the shots are 1,400 fired shots at a speed of 275 feet per second off from 68/4500, and the other is 1,200 fired shots at a speed of 295 feet per second off from 68/4500. The battery can give you more than 100,000 shots before the power is gone. The threaded barrel is 12 inches long, and it is styled like an auto cocker.

The marker has a selection of different firing modes as well as an anti-chop eye integrated into it. Some of the modes include PSP, Millennium, NPPL, and NXL. If you want to change the modes, you need to take off the foregrip cover. You might find this annoying to do, but it can be done quickly. After the trigger is squeezed to shoot, there will be a slight vibration felt. Don’t worry, this is normal for a marker of this size. The only problem is the vibration may loosen a few screws of the foregrip on occasion.

There are a variety of color options available for this marker, including silver dust, blue, red, black, and olive dust. The trigger is adjustable to three different points. The marker has 200 psi of input pressure.


The Empire Invert Mini is operated without the use of any hoses. The grip of the marker is where the integration takes place, making it unique and smooth. This is one of the few markers on the market which doesn’t use hoses. In fact, most other markers require that you use 2 hands on the gun all the time to keep it stabilized. The Empire Invert Mini does not expect this. You can easily keep it steady with just one hand. You can even angle it too. This is perfect if you want to shoot at something while moving fast on your feet or when you’re jumping or crawling.

There is one button to power up the weapon. This button serves as the safety button of the marker too. This paintball gun will be attractive to both experienced and beginner players alike. So, no matter what experience level you’re at, you should give it a try.

The Empire Invert Mini does not have an air source adapter that can turn on and off. Unless you purchase a separate adapter with an on/off capability, then the tank will need to be screwed in. To make this easier, you can empty the tank thoroughly before removing it from the gun. Maintaining the Empire Invert Mini is simple. If you want to remove the internal components of the paintball marker, you just need to take out one screw. Occasionally, the bolt and its guide will need to be lubricated. If the eyes of the gun are filthy, you will need to take it off as well as the trigger frame, foregrip, and plate. This process should only last 10 minutes, and it is essential for sustaining the cleanliness of the eyes.

Upgrade Potential

Some people criticize the marker because you can’t add too many upgrades to its design. Since a lot of paintball players like to customize and modify their markers, this makes the Invert Mini a problem for them. The only changes you can make are with the barrels, triggers, and feed necks. The Lurker bolt and Thread Saver by New Designz are popular additions too. The Lurker bolt can increase the speed and accuracy of your shots. As for the Thread Saver, it allows you to remove the gas from the marker without needing to take off the tank. This empire invert mini review shows exactly why this is a great gun if you want to upgrade.


If you want a marker that is lightweight and does not have a hose, then the Empire Invert Mini is for you if you buy paintball masks that are safe. Because there is no hose, you don’t need to worry about a hose breaking while you’re playing in a tournament. These features are what makes the Empire Invert Mini different than other markers. If you have a small or medium hand size, this army paintball gun will be perfect for you. If you have large hands, the grips may be uncomfortable because they’re placed close together. Hope this empire mini review has helped you make a solid decision. Check out my top paintball guns guide to learn about other guns on the market.

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