Empire Axe Pro Review

Empire Axe Pro Review

If you have a higher budget and aren’t afraid to spend on a top-quality paintball gun, then you should purchase the Empire Axe Marker. This weapon is just like any other top of the line marker such as FX, Geo, Ego, Reflex, and Etek. The Empire Axe paintball gun is better in many ways. Below we will examine the features of this marker that make it stand out above the fold when it comes to custom products.

Empire Axe Pro Paintball Gun

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Shooting Performance

The shooting performance of the Empire Axe is quite impressive when it comes to cheap paintball guns. The shots are accurate, and the gun is easy to use in general. The sequence of the shots is smooth with no delays either. The operating pressure of the gun is very low. With the gun’s unique anti-chop type eyes, ballers can feel motivated to fire delicate paint. Reportedly, people who have used the Empire Axe were able to fire over 5,000 paintballs without breaking any of them. There are multiple types of firing, such as the semi, millennium ramping, and PSP ramping. The majority of players won’t need this many shooting modes since most arenas and fields only allow you to use semi-auto. However, this just makes the Empire Axe a lot more fun to use.

To the chrono, the Empire Axe provides anywhere from +/- 3 to +/- 5 when it comes to consistency. This consistency helps players feel better during a game, mainly because of the superior trigger on the gun. The trigger lets you shoot paintballs at quickly without delays. If you’re using the semi or ramping modes, then rapid fire is even easier to perform. In between the trigger guard and foregrip, all the spaciousness there allows shooting to be comfortable and simple. While in the semi shooting mode, you can easily “walk the trigger” by placing 2 fingers below the trigger guard. It is even easier if you keep your index finger on the trigger while 3 fingers are under the trigger guard. You have a choice of 4 positions to adjust the trigger too, and it can be activated through a micro-switch that is there.

Overall, the Empire Axe Marker is reliable and will regularly perform well in games.

The Feeling

When you feel the Empire Axe premium paintball gun in your hands, it will feel great because it is lightweight, and the frame is very spacious to add improved ergonomics. This makes it easy to hold no matter what your hand size is. You can spend hours while carrying this gun in your hands and they will never feel tired. Since paintball matches are often long and competitive, this will help you tremendously during a game. You will have the confidence to slide, crawl, and dive with the weapon and it will never slip away from you. This is thanks to the feedneck which firmly clamps and keeps the loader attached at all times to give it dangerous power.


The finish of the Empire Axe Marker is smooth and attractive. Although a lot of paintball players tend to disregard the aesthetics of their gun, some may find themselves liking the looks of this gun. For this reason, it might justify why someone would spend a premium for the gun. The frame of the marker has grips that wrap around which helps the player firmly hold their weapon securely for a long time. With other paintball markers, the grips have a flat panel which decreases their reliability but makes the gun more affordable.

A hoseless marker is another way to describe the Empire Axe. What this means is that you’ll never have to worry about the gun’s hose not working. With other paintball markers, players often must deal with leaky hoses or damaged hoses that need to be fixed. The Empire Axe won’t give you these worries, so you can be confident with your shots and grip the weapon firmly, thanks to its air transfer style of design.

Disassembly and Maintenance

You won’t have a problem cleaning the Empire Axe which goes great in a gear bag. You can access the engine by going to the side of the marker and pressing the release button. Once you do that, you will have depressed the ball bearing which allows you to access the engine from the backside. When you look in the back, the engine will appear like one heavy object with lots of o-rings attached to it. You will be pleased with how simple this design looks because it makes it easy to disassemble and then reassemble after you’ve cleaned it. Best of all, it is virtually impossible to turn the engine upside down or block the holes which transfer air.

The Empire Axe has a feature integrated into it known as the Relay ASA, which is for taking off the marker bottle. The Relay ASA uses a lever which causes air to flow and cause the container of the marker to be removed fast and easily. There is a soft portion of rubber on the bolt of the marker. To bring the bolt back to its position, there is a conical spring on the marker. Do not worry because there is a little toolkit which comes with the Empire Axe electronic paintball gun. Inside the kit, there are screws, lube, o-rings, Allen keys, and detents. The Allen keys are what you use for the marker to open. You will find the bolts useful because the original screws will usually get stripped as time goes on.

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This Empire axe paintball gun review is as thorough as it gets. The marker is easy to shoot while maintaining accuracy and speed. Shots can be fired rapidly without delays or mechanical issues. All you need to do is make sure to regularly lube the bolt and the o-rings of the bolt seat. If you do this, there won’t be much recoil from this weapon. A lot of time and energy went into designing the Empire Axe Marker so that it would perform well. This makes paying a premium worth it if you are serious about the game. Paintballer HQ has even more reviews like this one.

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