Dye Proto Rail Review

Dye Proto Rail Review

If you’re a new or medium level Paintballer, then the Dye Precision Proto Rail will be a good choice for a marker. Beginners and casual paintball players will appreciate how simple and easy this marker is to use out in the field. The only type of player who won’t like it are experienced players who participate in competitions. If you’re familiar with the Dye Precision company, then you know them for their high-end paintball guns. However, this paintball marker will only cost you roughly in the medium range which is not a lot for a useful marker. Dye Precision developed the Proto Rail, so they could sell more marketable markers that were laid back and easy to use. Despite the affordability, the marker still has a quality design and conventional technology used in it. Overall, this is a useful marker for recreational paintballers and we hope this Dye Proto Rail review can help you learn more.

Proto PMR Rail Paintball Gun

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The Proto Rail is smaller than the better-known marker called ETEK. But, the Proto Rail is also more significant than a lot of other markers too. So, if you’re judging the marker by size, it is a mid-range accurate paintball gun. The outside of it is constructed with a lightweight, user-friendly frame made from solid aluminum.  The marker has a straight edge and lots of features, such as an eye pipe feature that doesn’t allow dirt and debris to build up. There is also an adjustable feed neck that clamps, a chamber with lasers which protect it from ball breakage, an LED style circuit board, and a Proto barrel that is 11 inches long.

The entry level Proto Rail is anodized appropriately and looks beautiful in its box the first time you see it. With the marker’s sheen, sharp lines, and big curves, it is one of the more beautiful electronic paintball guns out there today. If you can find a better-looking marker within this price range, it would be a surprise. Plus, paintball players just love to fire the Proto Rail in games. You’ll have a lot of different color options when you purchase the marker, such as tan, black, orange, blue, olive, clear, lime, and red.

The Proto Rail may look bulky from the outside, but it is a lightweight marker. You will know that as soon as you hold it. After you have set up the barrel, tank, and loader, the marker weighs only 2 pounds. It is a nicely balanced barrel which doesn’t slide in your hands, due to the handle grip which is made for comfort. If you’ve ever held the grip of the Dye DM14, it is the same type of grip found on the Proto Rail.


The Proto Rail is equipped with the Hyper 3 regulator, like most Dye Precision markers. The Hyper 3 regulator is what allows the Proto Rail to perform optimally, given its affordable cost. It works under 155 psi and has excellent air efficiency. The Proto Rail has a .68 caliber and fires between 15 and 18 paintballs per second. The accuracy is very reliable too. You can set the marker to 1 of 4 different tournament modes. The auto-fire mechanism will be particularly helpful in a game. In fact, players have praised all the space available to finger spray with the marker. If you want to adjust the length of the marker’s aluminum trigger, you can do that too.

A lot of users have called the marker a “gas hog.” Therefore, you will want to use a bigger tank than you’re used to using. Each time you fire the marker, it gives a small kickback effect and feels like it is an extension of your hands. However, some users have said the marker shoots just like an old cheap paintball gun that was first used in competitions. Because of this, some die-hard players might want to use this paintball gun in a match. Since the marker meets PSP standards, players are allowed to use it in tournaments.


The box that the Proto Rail comes in also includes a lubricant, fully colorized manual, warranty card, Allen wrenches, barrel bag, and a barrel that is 11 inches long. The 9-volt battery of the Proto Rail will help the marker be able to shoot over 500,000 shots in total. If the marker is tuned and cleaned regularly, its components will stay durable for a long time. With the o-rings that are color-coded which come with the marker, performing maintenance will be easy.


Most hoppers and feeders are compatible with the Proto Rail. But there are other parts and batteries which are not consistent with it. The good news is there are many replacement grips with a variety of color options that you can purchase. You can replace the barrel too. If you search around enough, you will find upgrades for the rail board. Two examples are the Hater and Tadao. Other additions available are the aluminum bolt cap, fittings for easier accessibility to the regulator, and a rail mount.

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Will the Proto Rail Be Good for Me?

With all the highly advanced technology features in the Proto Rail, it is an excellent gun for beginners to use. It will feel light and pleasant in your hands, and you will be able to fire accurate shots. Its durability is even good too when it comes to army paintball guns.

Although this is a cheaper gun that is recommended for beginners, it also has its uses for experienced players too. If you need a useful backup marker, the Proto Rail will be the best choice for that. If this isn’t the one for you try our other reviews and find another option.

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