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Paintballers need every edge possible when they are competing to win. The right gear is one of the key ingredients to the recipe that leads to this victory. Players spend a lot of time on the ground hiding from opponents. Because of this, it is important to have the best paintball knee pads possible in your gear arsenal. We have chosen our favorite picks below after hours of research to save you the hassle of doing it yourself.

GI Sportz Race 2.0 Knee Pads

Some knee pads can be uncomfortable to wear because of their weight. GI Sportz Knee pads handle this issue by building knee pads with light materials. You can walk as much as you need to without feeling like you have a pair of ankle weights on your legs. Located behind the knee pad is a wicking fabric that lets your skin breath and doesn’t get in your way. The inside of these knee pads will not chafe against your skin because it has a gentle interior.

Do you want to make your knee pads feel even lighter? GI Sports has your back with their demountable inner pads. You will not believe that you are wearing them once you remove these.

The piece of your knee pads that are not removable is your core knee pad. This part will safeguard your knees so you do not get injured if you trip or fall. A good friend of mine has put it to good use for the last 6 months and it can take abuse. A unique feature that I think is genius is its ability to defend the sides of your knee.

This sizable knee pad is our top choice and will keep your knees scrape free. Test these out yourself and you will not regret the decision.

GI Sportz Race 2.0 Knee Pads Black

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HK Army Paintball Knee Pads

I use HK Army Crash Paintball Knee Pads on a weekly basis and they are a must-have. It is made with a dense material that covers every area of your leg. The only disadvantage with this is that like a good baseball glove, it takes a while to break in. Once it does, they will feel as comfortable as any other knee pad on the market. Be patient and I promise you will not regret it.

Many paintballers are faced with the issue with knee pads that slip down to their ankles often. With HK’s lower strap, it will keep both knee pads in place so you focus on the game at hand. You will not have to worry about the Velcro straps if they get wet. They will be alright and just as functional as if they were dry.

The interior will feel silky smooth because it was constructed using spandex. You will not have to take them off many times because they are breathable enough and soft.

Pound for pound, HK Army Paintball Knee Pads are a contender that should consider.

HK Army Crash Knee Pads Black

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Exalt Paintball FreeFlex Knee Pads

Next on our best paintball knee pads list is the Exalt Freeflex. Are you a paintballer who spends a lot of time sliding and diving? If that sounds like you, this pair of pads will be your best friend during games. The padding is thick enough while managing to remain stylish for the trendsetter.

A few months ago, my teammate was hit square on the knees. If he didn’t have these bad boys on, the bruising would have been painful. This brand is notorious for their Velcro retention straps. Once you have strapped yourself in, you can maneuver the strap in any angle you like.  It is best to position it in a way that the Velcro is not going to get stuck in a bush as you run towards the enemy. This kind of inconvenience can cause you to lose a game or get hurt on the field.

At the end of the day, you cannot go wrong with the Exalt Freelex knee pads. These top sellers fit like a glove and have the padding you need to stay safe with knee pads that don’t slide on you. A lot of pro paintballers recommend them and so do we.

Exalt Paintball FreeFlex Knee Pads

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Valken Phantom Agility Knee Pads

Everything you desire in high-quality knee pads the Valken Phantom Agility delivers. With its thin fiber materials on the rear of the knee pads, you will feel cozy. What I love about this material is its ability to allow air to circulate throughout the knee area.  It keeps me feeling cool but don’t forget to find pants with similar materials.

The adaptable straps on this set are attractive and are detachable if you don’t like them. Knee pads that fall down to your ankles will not be an issue because of the stretchy cuff feature. Once you get to break them in, the moisture wicking material will feel like you have nothing on.

In the center area, you have padding that protects the sensitive area on your knee. The padding there is sufficient but will not restrict movement in any way. On the front of the knee pads, you have jagged edges that assist you when you move your leg in different directions.

Over the long term, this set will be a great investment. The materials are durable enough to last over a year without needing a replacement.

Valken Paintball Phantom Agility Knee Pads

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Planet Eclipse Overload HD Core Knee Pads

The last pick in our guide is the Planet Eclipse model. Wearing these gems on the field, you are secure from the top of your knee to the bottom with their adjustable Velcro. Always feels empowering as a player when you get to pick just how snug you want your knee pads to fit.

This knee pad has all the other features the other four have except that they are slightly wider. If you are a man or a woman with bigger legs this might be the best choice for you.

Planet Eclipse Paintball Knee Pads

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Final Decision

Now that you know are top 5 best paintball knee pads, you have everything you need to make a choice. Make this decision before you start playing because they will be a lifesaver and save you from injuries. And once you pick your knee pads you can focus on the best paintball gun for you.

Please leave any comments you may have below and I will be glad to answer them if I didn’t cover everything here.

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