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Paintball Is Good

Paintball is Good is a winner in my book and you can find them in the heart of McCalla Alabama. Although the fields are fun for paintballer of all ages, kids will love them the most. Don’t try and bring any child under the age of 10 for regular style games because they will not be allowed to play. Game types include traditional, Low Impact and Splat Master. All three can be exciting depending on what you are into. You will be able to rent the equipment to play and it is not like the regular markers in other fields. They are designed to fire slower rounds and do not hurt. The game style that kids love the most is Splat Master and yes, it is as fun as it sounds. Make sure your child is not younger than the age of 7 for this game.

I have read many reviews and parents rave about this business. They are patient with children and are always happy to teach them how to play. You can take your gear but must buy their paintballs. You don’t need to worry though because they don’t stain clothes. What makes Paintball is Good unique is the designs of their fields. The most popular one is the castle because kids can let their imaginations run wild. For the adults, they have speedball fields if they want to play something a little more intense. As far as food is concerned, they have grills on site so you can have yourself a nice barbecue. If your child comes alone, make sure he or she takes a waiver that they can download online with your signature.

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Southern Alabama Paintball

The people of Theodore have a special place in my heart because they were very kind to me. Southern Alabama is in their area which is why I am proud to report what a great business they are. They own a lot of land which is a bonus for me. All their fields have cool obstacles laid around so it makes the games more exciting. If you want to see what I mean, go online and watch a few of their well-made videos.

What I love most about Southern Alabama are their prices. These guys are a bargain when you only pay $30 to get all the gear you need plus 500 paintballs. This is unheard of and they have yet to pick up the prices. If you are not into paintball, no worries. You can also pick airsoft or laser tag which can be a good time. My best advice for you if you decide to come is to make reservations for weekends. They can get quite full so it is better to be safe than sorry. Lastly, they don’t serve food and don’t have a grilling area like our top choice did. Your best bet is to bring food that is already cooked and store it somewhere safe.

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Mount Doom Paintball and Airsoft

The folks over at Mount Doom are the true veterans of this list of paintball fields in Alabama. The business has been around longer than any other in the state. Their scenario style themed events are legendary and players flock from all over to try. Zombie hunt is my personal favorite because you get to feel like a survivor in a world filled with the undead. These kinds of events are not held every day so you need to go on their site to find out when they occur. Weekends are their busiest days and all you need to pay is $10 for open play. If you don’t have the equipment, you don’t need to worry about anything. They got you covered and their rental prices are more than fair.Thinking of holding a birthday party or private event anytime soon? Feel free to make a reservation and they will handle the rest. You will not forget your experience if you are in Hanceville and want to give them a try. Lots of people from around the country visit and they always have good things to say.  Please make sure to bring your liability waiver if you are a minor or you can’t play.

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Spattered Wood Paintball and Laser Tag

I love family owned businesses because the service you get is warm and welcoming. Located in Montgomery, Spattered Wood gives you that kind of experience. My friend visited them and felt very welcome. The fields are a bit smaller so reservations are a must and you need to send over a tiny deposit to show you are serious. Each paintballer must pay $20. That gets you 200 paintballs, some gas and a marker with a protective mask. The only game type that seems a bit pricey is laser tag. The cost is $150 for an hour but you can bring 6 people with you. If you split that, I think it is more than fair. Most laser tag games are short and never this long. The only drawback is that these guys are open solely on Saturdays. Keep that in mind when you make plans.

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Xtreme Paintball

Students at the University of Alabama rave about Extreme Paintballs fields. A few of the ones that I spoke with have their own membership and save a lot of money because they play on a regular basis. To be a member, all you need to do is pay $35 and every other year after the first one it will be only $30. All members save 50% off of field fees and any other special deals they have throughout the year. If you don’t have your own gear, it isn’t the cheapest to rent but is not super pricey. Even if you do bring equipment, do not bother buying your own outside because you must use theirs.You can play on a variety of fields that include the woods and a field with World War 2 style trenches.  If Woodsball, is not your thing, don’t sweat it because their speedball field is also very good. It is very fast paced and the games get competitive. Any issues that occur with their gear or your own they will assist you with. They make repairs on site so you will not have to stop playing for the day. The employees of Extreme Paintball are helpful and take care of most of your needs with a smile. Like any other field, minors must bring their parents or sign a liability waiver.  

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Brothers in Arms Paintball

This is where the big players who love to compete go to play paintball. Their fields are tournament-sized and taken care of very well. Brothers in Arms is a fair place to play because if you are a newbie, you are not placed with experts. Most of the people you will play with will match your skill level so you don’t get slaughtered. They do accept private groups if you make an appointment and you can choose on your own how to split players up. A lot of paintballers who have a team or are looking to start one play here. It is a great place to meet candidates you can choose as a teammate.  Get ready to step your game up and play in challenging tournaments if this is something you want to do.

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Bob's Paintball

This paintball field is only open on weekends and I must admit that they are beautiful. On hot days, players can sign up for a game of Woodsball instead getting sunburned on a speedball field. Airball is also available if you are in a competitive mood and want to taste victory. If you come in a big group, you will pay discounted prices especially if you play for a team. What makes this paintball field stand out is that you can play with your own paint which most fields forbid. The only brand that they don’t want to be used is the Monster Brand. Please be sure to come with your waiver signed and ready to hand in.

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Central Alabama Paintball Park

Last but not least on our list of paintball fields in Alabama is Central Alabama Paintball Park. This paintball field is awesome because they have an air-conditioned room to cool down in. I think it is very helpful on days where the weather can be unbearable. To kill the monotony of playing the same type of games, Central Alabama gets creative with new types. You can hunt zombies and play capture the flag for some unforgettable moments with mates. CAPP even has special games that your 6-year-olds can play using low impact ammo. To sum it up, you will love this field if you are looking for a place that has a variety of games and is family friendly.

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