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The first time I saw a paintball game on television I became hooked. It was a national tournament sponsored by some of the best paintball brands in the country. The exposure was enough for me to want to hit up a sports store and get ready to buy all the best gear I could find. That was my first mistake and I ended up buying gear that was not right for me. With this review and others, I want to stress to you the importance of research and giving things time.

If you are the same position I was in 10 years ago and need a good marker, you are in the right place. Good ones are hard to come by and it takes experience to know which is best for beginners. This Azodin Kaos review will introduce you to one of my favorite paintball guns for newbies. Read with care and if you question, I am always here to answer them.

Azodin Review

When you are first starting out, simplicity is key. Your only goal should be to able to play safely with solid gear. The expert level paintball guns that are more complicated are for the future you. Some guys end up going all out buying next level equipment when they barely know how to shoot a gun with accuracy. If you want to get it over with and get out on the field buy this marker and you will have all you need to start learning. The design is simple, easy to clean and most shops can repair with ease if it breaks.

Azodin Kaos Semi-Auto Paintball Marker

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If you are a skilled paintballer looking for a high-end marker to use against the pros, this is not for you. That will cost you a lot more than this and you must already have the skills for higher level gear. The Azodin Kaos provides you with the ability to compete to gain experience. Your typical enemy should be average skilled and that is learning the ropes like you. The most important thing is that the price for this marker is affordable and is easy to sell if you want to quit. Paying a low price does not mean the quality of this weapon is low grade. It is very strong and will last you for a long time if you take care of it.


Some paintball guns are a pain to a good grip and are not easy to hold steady. Most of the time the manufacturers care more about the looks of the marker than they do about usability. Azodin is not one of those brands because they do care more about the customer experience. They created a lightweight gun that is comfortable to hold and will not wear your hands out. I promise that if you put in the work as much as you can, you will improve a lot with this product. While you play, it will not jab into your arms or hurt any other part of your body the next day. You will become the player you want to be without having to pay an arm and a leg.


Paintballers like myself who have been around for years are amazed at how accurate this marker is. For the price tag, you are able to hit your opponent a good percentage of the time once you get better. It competes with some of the more expensive guns that the pros pay a premium for in my opinion.  Are you looking to learn how to be a sniper? If yes, this is the perfect model to start with because it shoots well from afar. I have tested it from as far as 100 feet and still hit my target. Lower quality weapons I have used in the past chopped my paint a lot and it cost me money in the long run. This one does not do that as long as you buy good quality paintballs.

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A high level of Stealth is important if you want to be a respected paintballer. But if you want a marker that will allow you to shoot around in the woods without detection, look elsewhere. As mentioned above, it is accurate but can be pretty noisy when you fire it. This is what makes it a bad option for a sniper who wishes to remain undetected in his position. At the end of the day, it all comes to down to your style of play and what strategy you like to follow.

Feedneck Problems

There are a small group of fanatics that find issues with almost every gun their review. They are impossible to please but when they complain about the Feedneck of the Azodin Kaos, they are not wrong. More than a few players have complained about it and it is something the manufacturer has to work on. You are not able to use the Feedneck with a lot of the hoppers on the market and this is not good. Because of this, they are forced to buy a loader that they would never need if they chose another marker. If they don’t they put themselves at risk of losing their investment when they hopper breaks. It is not a huge drawback and might annoy people when they have to spend more money.

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I hope that this evaluation convinces you that the Kaos is a fantastic option if you are in the market for a gun. The marker is cheap. strong with quality materials, and efficient. Beginners will cherish it as their first step into the world of paintball and keep it for years to come. Once they learn the ropes, they can buy a more premium model.

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